August Promotions

August Promotions

Jul 31, 2018Stephanie Aguilera

Lead your pet to the road of ultimate health and happiness, starting with their bowl! This August, we’re highlighting all-natural, good to the bone food and treats that will keep your pet feeling and looking great. Keep your four-legged friend glowing, energetic, and cheerful with our August promotions!

15% Off Primal Pronto 



Heard about feeding pets raw food? It’s easier than it sounds, especially with Primal Pronto1! Primal provides raw food in a scoop-and-serve format with small bite-sized pieces that thaws out in minutes. They also provide a wide range of formulas, such as beef, turkey and sardine, and lamb for your pet to choose from!

Why raw? A raw diet closely mimics a pet’s natural eating habits in the wild, which best provides essential nutrients that help them live a happier and longer life. Plus, Primal Pronto is responsibly-sourced, contains high-quality ingredients, and delivers a safe raw solution for your pet. Learn more about raw food and its wonderful benefits here.

Buy 3 Get 1 Free Ziwi Canned Food



Does your pet prefer moist food? Indulge them with Ziwi’s2 canned dining experience! Dogs and cats thrive on a high-meat diet, which is why Ziwi’s canned recipes contain a minimum of 92% meat, organs, bone, and 3% New Zealand Green Mussel.

Neither dog or cat canned recipes include grains, potatoes, corn, wheat, soy, or sugars. Instead, they use chickpea as a natural binder for the high meat content these recipes contain. We love Ziwi for their transparency about what we’re adding to our pet's bowl! Follow our Co-Founder, Mark Boonnark, as he takes a tour of Ziwi’s farms by reading all about it here.

15% Off Ziwi Air-Dried Food - Including Their New Chicken Recipe!



If you don’t think raw food or canned food is a right fit for your pet, give air-dried food a try! Air-dried is a gentle, air-drying process that keeps in the food’s nutrients without adding any artificial preservatives or sugars. It’s an easy-to-handle, scoop and serve formula that has the benefits of a raw meat diet both owners and pets love. This food is made from 98% meat, organs and bone, including 3% New Zealand Green Mussel, and 7% species-specific tripe for added digestive benefits.

We’re excited to announce we’re now carrying ZIWI’s newest recipe that’s sure to become a pet favorite in no time! Their new free-range chicken recipe is made from 100% New Zealand free-range chicken, organs, and green-lipped mussel. ZIWI’s chickens are ethically raised without added hormones, making this recipe a nutritious and delicious food for pets. If your pet is sensitive to red meats, we suggest giving this new recipe a try!

Buy 3 Get 1 Free On All Healthy Spot Brand Chews



Keep your pup entertained during the dog days of summer with chews! Antlers, bullysticks, yak chews – which one to choose? With this promo, you don’t have to! Let your pup experiment with this wide variety and let them decide which is their favorite. Check out the benefits of each chew:

- Antlers contain marrow, a great source of calcium and phosphorous that’s essential for a healthy and balanced diet.

- Bullysticks are delicious, ultra clean, “chewy rolls” that help maintain oral care. Plus, ours are odorless!

- Yak chews are made from yak milk that contain a major source of amino acids. This helps support the immune system, cell growth renewal, and speeds the healing process.

What do these three chews have in common? They are nutritious treats without additives or preservatives and encourage hours of mental stimulation. If you’re keeping your pet indoors all day away from the heat, keep it fun with Healthy Spot chews!

If you can’t make it to one of our stores, we’re offering 20% off Healthy Spot Brand Chews online! Just enter the code “Behindthebowl” at checkout! Check them out now.

This month, our August promotions are devoted to making it easy for you to find something healthy and nutritious for your pet! Lead your pet one step closer to a happier and longer life with these delicious food and treats. Check out these products at your local Healthy Spot today!

1 Primal Pet Foods. New to Raw? Try Primal Pronto Formulas.
2 ZIWI Pets. Moist Dog Food



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