August In-Store Promotions

August In-Store Promotions

Jul 29, 2016Nick Batcheller

We are taking you to New Zealand this month. Where the grass is green and the standards of farming are very high. New Zealand cattle for example are raised within very strict limitations that include no hormones, grass feeding and free range grazing. Check out our specials this month which include ZiwiPeak, K9 Naturals, Weruva and all our chews!


ZiwiPeak 20% off Dog and Cat food (2.2 lbs. and under)

The best thing about ZiwiPeak dog and cat good might just be what they don’t put in it. Nothing artificial, no additives, preservatives, fillers or grains. Using an air-dried method, ZiwiPeak is made with all natural, raw, fully-balanced ingredients from New Zealand for a wild-prey diet your pet will love.


K9 Natural 15% off (2.2 lbs and under)

Another product taking full advantage of the pristine land and seas of New Zealand is K9 Natural. From their grass-fed sourced meats to eggs from barn-raised chickens, K9 Natural offers a complete and perfectly balanced diet for both dogs and cats.


Buy 3 Chews Get 1 Free

Why do dogs love our bully sticks? There are plenty of reasons. Our bully sticks are sourced from free range, grass fed bulls. There are no additives or preservatives used in our cleaning and cooking process. They’re cleaned through a natural and proprietary cleaning system so that they’re odor free. We cook them in small batches using brick ovens for a smokey flavor dogs love. Get some for your pup or to share with all your furry friends! 


Buy 12 Weruva cans/pouches, mix and match, get one bag of Weruva Litter

Weruva’s protein focused, low carbohydrate, high moisture food is exactly what your pet craves. With processing standards that meet the super-strict British Retail Consortium, these cans and pouches are full of healthy bites for your pet. Mix and match 12 cans or pouches and get a free bag of Weruva’s culpable clay and grain free cat litter.

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