Refer A Friend To Small Dog Daycare

Refer A Friend To Small Dog Daycare

Feb 25, 2016Stephen Loh

Does your pup love spending time in our doggie daycare? Well now they can enjoy walks, naps and belly rubs at doggie daycare with a friend! During the month of March, if you refer a friend to our doggie daycare you’ll get three free days of daycare! Plus, your friend will get their first daycare session free up passing their daycare evaluation.

Refer a Friend

To receive your three free days of daycare, just refer a friend to take our in-store daycare evaluation. That’s it! Once they let us know you referred them to us, you’ll receive a credit for three free days of daycare. If your friend’s pup passes our evaluation process, they’ll receive a free day of daycare. Your friend’s pup does not need to pass the evaluation for you to receive your three free days of daycare.

Why Healthy Spot Doggie Daycare?

Don’t forget to mention all the benefits from using our doggie daycare services including:

  • Regular outdoor walks
  • Facilities designed specifically for small dogs
  • Dogs are free to roam and play in a safe environment
  • Constant supervision and quality attention from trained staff members
  • We can aid with doggie stress and separation anxiety
  • Monitored socialization
  • Daycare Dining to make sure your pup is healthy and fed
  • Real grass in all our daycare facilities

Refer a friend during the month of March and get three free days of doggie daycare as our gift to you! There’s no limit on how many friends you can refer. The more friends you refer the more friends your pup will get to yap it up with all day!

CLICK HERE - To Call your local Healthy Spot to learn how you can take advantage of this promotion.

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