Where to Spot Us Next!

Where to Spot Us Next!

Jan 28, 2016Stephen Loh

In 2015 we made our way into The Valley with our Studio City and Topanga Canyon Spots. Now we’re getting ready to open up our 8th Healthy Spot! We can’t tell you where it’ll be just yet but we can give you some hints. Can you guess which city we’ll be wagging our tails next?

Hint #1: There's salt on my breath, and I've sand for feet; you sometimes sit with me in the heat.

Hint #2: Made of concrete and wood, destroyed and rebuilt through generations, it's stood for almost 100 years. 

Hint #3: Catch me on the big screen. You'll see me featured in Point Break, Jerry McGuire, and 1408. 

Hint #4: This drink has a big bite but it'll keep you awake, you may never sleep!

Think you know where you’ll be able to Spot Us next? Email us at Social@HealthySpot.com.

We will be announcing a new clue every week between 2/1 and 2/29. Follow us on FB, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date. Guess our newest location correctly you’ll be entered to win a Healthy Spot Prize Pack and an invite to our soft grand opening for an exclusive sneak preview into our newest spot! Winner announced on 3/1/16.

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Comments (8)

  • Manhattan Beach!!!!! :)

    Anabel G
  • Can we finally welcome you to Manhattan Beach? So excited to have you part of our beach community. A BIG Paws Up xoxoxo

    Judy & Gaby Garland
  • Manhattan Beach, CA

    Morris Benoun
  • Manhattan Beach

    Erin Gripp
    on Sepulveda near Artesia

  • Arizona

    patty martin
  • Huntington Beach! Surf City :)

    Kristen Mahoney
  • A location near the beach. Somewhere in the South Bay: Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach or Redondo Beach. I’m hoping that your new store will be in the South Bay, as I live in the South Bay and I have to travel a ways to get to one of your stores. You know how traffic is in Los Angeles! :/


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