8 Earth Friendly Products for Your Pet

8 Earth Friendly Products for Your Pet

Apr 01, 2018Stephanie Aguilera

What makes a product earth-friendly? By using alternatives to promote and sustain the environment, brands create earth-loving products that make the most from used materials. At Healthy Spot, we partner with companies that value the earth and our communities by using biodegradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly methods. Check out these excellent brands and how they keep your pet happy and the environment healthy.

Healthy Spot Poop Bags




Created with the earth’s wellness in mind, Healthy Spot Poop Bags do more than just scoop poop. Our bags are made with Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA) and d2w. TDPA was developed by EPI Environmental Technologies Inc. in efforts to degrade plastic at a controlled rate, whereas d2w converts everyday plastic products into materials that are biodegradable and don’t leave toxic residues or fragments of plastic.

Traditional plastic bags don’t break down on their own, harming and polluting our communities and the wild, such as marine life. In fact, plastic bags can sit in a landfill for 1,000 years – if they haven’t been picked up by animals.1 We tend to forget about our trash once we throw it out, but our trash travels a long way after our use.  While Healthy Spot poop bags are strong and leak-proof for scooping up waste, they were designed to deteriorate and dissolve after their use.

Housecat Club Toys




This small brand does more than bring joy to your kitty. Housecat Club offers a wide variety of fun cat toys – all made with vegan, recycled materials and stuffed with USDA certified locally-grown, organic catnip. What does it mean when a product is recycled? It means that these toys are created with fleece and post-consumer plastic bottles. With Housecat Club, you’re offering your pet a 100% natural toy without pesticides or chemicals. We’re proud to have a wonderful brand such as Housecat Club be a partner, where they prove a product can still be stylish and trendy, while still caring about the earth.

Pure + Good Shampoo and Conditioner




Passionate about pet and environmental health, Pure + Good offers natural wellness in a bottle! All their formulas are free of any chemicals, detergents, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, preservatives, and fragrances. They are pH-balanced to keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy, clean, and comfortable. How do they give back to the earth? They use local, naturally sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging, and work with small businesses to form valuable relationships within communities.

Healthy Spot’s Grooming Salon uses Pure + Good products because of the brand’s simplicity and dedication to the earth, something we highly respect and value. They come in a wide variety of scents, such as Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Lavender, Peppermint, and more – with every scent containing different beneficial ingredients based on your pup’s needs.

Planet Dog Toys




As the pet industry’s leading brand in social responsibility and value-based products, Planet Dog provides the very best to pet owners and the earth we live on. Since their founding, they have used sustainability as the core to design and develop eco-friendly products. Their commitment led them to become a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), an industry-wide collaboration to provide tools and education to accelerate environmental and social sustainability.

Their Orbee-Tuff® toys are created with Orbee-Tuff® material, Planet Dog’s innovative discovery designed without the chemicals. This material does not contain any latex, Phthalates, or BPAs that other toys may contain. Instead, Orbee-Tuff® contains non-toxic white Olefinic oil to soften the toy, as well as a small amount of essential Peppermint oil to create a unique experience for your playful pup. Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff® toys are eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, made in the U.S.A., and created with FDA approved non-toxic ingredients. Help us make this planet a better place with the power of play!

Found my Animal




Show off your love for the earth and animal welfare with leashes and collars from Found My Animal. Inspired by fishermen, this brand’s rope accessories are hand-spliced and made locally in Brooklyn, New York, with domestic leather and US manufactured marine-grade rope. This amazing brand even carries a line of leashes and collars made from 100% recycled cotton that does not use any water in the making, as well as reclaimed leather to salvage as much material as possible. With every product made from materials that have their own story, each rope and collar is unique and one of a kind.

They extend love to adoptable pets by promoting animal adoption in every product’s message, as well as supporting hundreds of animal rescue organizations. By choosing to create products locally with USA-made products as well as encouraging adoptions, Found My Animal helps the earth in multiple ways!

Simply Fido




Treat your pet to a new toy with a purpose. Simply Fido creates toys while aiming to teach the importance of environmental responsibility. They do this by using a manufacturing method with a low environmental impact and implementing socially responsible management. Simply Fido manufactures their toys without any harmful chemicals or substances, and use a low-eco dye process that generate little waste and contamination. They also prioritize social responsibility in their suppliers and business partners, such as Healthy Spot. They choose to only work with people that value the highest international labor standards and treat each employee with respect and fairness. They encompass high-quality products, earth protection, and valuing their community starting with their employees. Check out this wonderful toy by Simply Fido available on our online shop here.

Healthy Spot Glow Ball




What’s bright, fun, and made from salvaged material? Healthy Spot Glow Balls! Created from 100% recyclable, non-toxic rubber, these glow-in-the-dark toys were made for a fun time, while transforming landfill items into simple balls of pure joy for your pet. You can pick these eccentric toys in stores or on our online shop. Make the next game of fetch exciting and earth-friendly!

Celebrate Earth Day this year by supporting an environmentally conscious brand that goes above and beyond. By supporting loving brands such as the ones mentioned above, you show appreciation to the earth as well as encourage these companies to continue to spread their message about going green. Join us in celebrating the land we live on by picking up a nature-friendly toy or leash at your local Healthy Spot today!

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