Introducing Boxiecat: The CLEANEST Litter Box Experience

Introducing Boxiecat: The CLEANEST Litter Box Experience

Jun 09, 2016Emily Wallace

The Cleanest Litter Box Experience

Messes and pets seem to go hand-in-hand which is why we’re always on the lookout for ways to make messes easier to clean while still being safe for your pet. Boxiecat’s clumping clay litter is all natural, over 99.9% dust-free, hypo-allergenic and contains no chemicals or additives. The dense clay allows clumps to form quickly at the top instead of soaking to the bottom of the litter box which keeps litter boxes cleaner for longer. Because of its fine, soft clay properties, Boxiecat is gentle on your cats paws but heavy enough that it resists tracking, keeping the area around the litter box clean. 

Created and Recommended by Veterinarians

Veterinarians keep pets healthy and safe. Boxiecat was developed by veterinarians to be completely safe and appealing to use for all cats. Using all natural, quick clumping premium clay, and probiotic odor control, Boxiecat controls odors, eliminates ammonia odors, and can handle multiple cats. Its calming scent also helps attract cats to use the litter box. Careful, they might never leave the litter box after you start using Boxiecat.

Fits Your Lifestyle

Boxiecat comes in scented or extra strength variations to fit your preference. It works great with regular, sifting, and mechanical litter boxes so there’s no need to change your litter box of choice. Boxiecat’s packaging is durable, easy to open, has a zip-lock for re-sealing and is 100% recyclable. Boxiecat is also biodegradable and made in the USA. By staying so clean, odor free and easy to maintain, one bag of Boxiecat will last a whole month in a single cat household.

Next time you need to pick up some cat litter, try Boxiecat and get ready for the cleanest litter box experience for you and your cat. Plus, this month only, save 10% on all Boxiecat Litters. 

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