Featured Adoptable: Hunter!

Featured Adoptable: Hunter!

May 12, 2016Nick Batcheller

Meet Hunter! Hunter is up for adoption through the Bill Foundation and will be at Healthy Spot Santa Monica on Sunday, May 22nd. Hunter was originally rescued from the Bakersfield shelter in 2008 where he was brought in as a stray. He was then adopted by a couple in 2009 who worked on socializing him and earning his trust since he was very leery of everyone after he was rescued. In 2014, they had a baby and Hunter was never comfortable around the baby. Now that the baby is a toddler, Hunter has become anxious around the child and has even snapped at her numerous times. They are returning Hunter to us in hopes that we can find him an adult-only home. 

Although he is 7, Hunter is very active! Three times a week he goes on a 6 mile jog and barely breaks a sweat! He has also done sheep herding and agility and has excelled at both. He would love to be able to continue with those hobbies. 

Hunter is very affectionate and once he trusts you, he will never leave your side. He gets along with everyone other than young children.

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