Heartworm Prevention Tips

Heartworm Prevention Tips

May 05, 2016Nick Batcheller

VIP Petcare and Healthy Spot are using the month of May to help educate pet owners like you on the reality of Heartworm disease and the importance of prevention to keep your pet healthy, happy and safe!


Heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis) are fairly large worms (can grow up to 14 inches long) that, in adulthood, live in the heart and pulmonary arteries of an infected animal. Pets acquire these worms through mosquito bites as mosquitoes readily pick up larval heartworms from infected animals and carry them to new animals. Currently, a warmer than normal climate across many states has increased the presence of mosquito breeding areas in all 50 states.


VIP Petcare recommends administering a heartworm preventative product to your pet every month for the duration of its life, as well as an annual test to ensure your pet is free of heartworm disease.

Come to a VIP Petcare operated clinic in the month of May and receive a FREE canine Heartworm/Lyme combo blood test with the purchase of any vaccination package. Don't miss this great opportunity to make sure your furry friend is healthy!


In order to help you get started protecting your pet we are also providing a discount on heartworm prevention medication that you purchase at our clinic.


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