Adoptable Dog of the Week: Cara

Adoptable Dog of the Week: Cara

Apr 06, 2016Stephen Loh

Cara Bill Foundation

Meet Cara! She’s a mix of Chihuahua, Shih Tzu and Pekinese and weighs about 9 lbs. She was found at a shelter as a puppy with a nasty case of mange (aka Canine Scabies). The shelter wasn't treating her mange but thankfully Bill Foundation rescued her and got her to a vet. Now her skin and coat are fully recovered and she's eagerly awaiting her forever home.

cara bill foundation

She’d love nothing more than to fall asleep in your arms. She gets along great with other dogs and would benefit from having a doggie sibling to play and wrestle with. You’ll have to be patient with her at first as she’s shy around new people but is very smart and learns quickly. She’ll be available for adoption through our Bill Foundation adoption event at our Santa Monica location on April 10th. Full list of adoptions here. 

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