5 Questions With Nature's Kitchen

5 Questions With Nature's Kitchen

Apr 14, 2016Stephen Loh

Got a dog that’s a picky eater? Or a pup with skin or digestive issues? You might want to consider Nature’s Kitchen. Their all natural food is healthy and safe for dogs of all ages. Made with fresh meat, it benefits dogs with health issues as well. We’ve gotten a great response from happy customers ever since we started to carry Nature’s Kitchen last year. 

Like Healthy Spot, Nature’s Kitchen was started when its founders were frustrated with the absence of quality dog foods in grocery and big box stores. So they set out to create food based around a wild diet. Their wild idea has benefited dogs across North America. We sat down with the founders of Nature's Kitchen and asked them 5 Questions about their premium dog food. 

What prompted You To Start Nature’s Kitchen?

Nature’s Kitchen was created out of a need that we saw in the industry after years of importing a high end European dog food. We decided to create a product that was unlike anything else that existed with the belief that dogs were intended to consume a diet rich in fresh meat – not just “high protein” as the industry was advocating, but real, fresh, meat lightly-cooked to balance safety and nutrition for everyone.

What Criteria Do You Follow When Sourcing Your Ingredients? 

  1. All ingredients are human grade
  2. All of our suppliers deal exclusively with the human food chain
  3. Everything we utilize must be domestically raised or sourced (except for Norwegian Kelp which only comes from Norway)


Any Fun Facts You Would Like To Share? 

Our first containers that we sold over a weekend at a local farmer’s market were in clear deli-soup containers with blue painter’s tape labels identified by a “C” written with a Black Sharpie marker. That “C” stood for chicken – our only flavor at that time and the product was prepared in one of our team member’s kitchen at home. We sold everything we made that first weekend at the local farmer’s market – that was less than 5 years ago. Man does time fly - you will no longer find tape on our packaging (that changed just a few short months after our first weekend at the farmer’s market as we grew rapidly).

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Nature's Kitchen? 

  1. There are many, but here is a short list:
  2. Improved digestion & absorption of nutrients
  3. Improved energy
  4. Healthier skin and coat
  5. Tighter, more compact stools
  6. For dogs that don’t have a strong desire to eat food, NK reverses that problem!

Why did you choose to partner with Healthy Spot?

We are incredibly selective in who we choose to partner with because who you choose is a reflection on the quality of your product. We saw Healthy Spot as not only compatible, but also stood head and shoulders above the rest in every category. We believe that Healthy Spot is truly an advocate of quality foods that can be a solution to the owner that has been looking forever.

Tell Us About Your 100% Recyclable Food Packaging?

Yes our packaging is 100% recyclable – Level 5 PP (look at the bottom of the tub to see the insignia). We chose this tub specifically because of its unique properties and ability to be recycled fully. For us, the only choice was packaging that was 100% recyclable.

Nature's Kitchen Customer Testimonials: 

THANK YOU!!! I have been trying to find a food to feed my little Sparky for what seems like forever. He has been the toughest dog to feed. I was so worried there was something wrong with him that I actually took him to the vet. The vet said there was nothing wrong. He was just picky. I shared with him my endless journeys through the pet food stores in search of the "holy grail", but his ominous words of warning were "you better find something he likes, he is really close to being undernourished". That rang through my head like a scene from some movie you would see on the big screen. I was getting desperate because, never once, in the 4 years I've had him has he finished what I put down in front of him--Until about a week ago. I finally heard about Nature's Kitchen at my local natural pet food store. When I spoke to them, admittedly, I was approaching it with the hopes of a miraculous solution to his eating difficulties. They were right though. It's been a week and I am pleased to report, SPARKY'S HOLY GRAIL HAS BEEN FOUND! Thank you so much for creating Nature's Kitchen! He eats it and he can't wait for more. I have never seen this behavior from him. You have changed my life and made Sparky so happy, I wanna jump for joy. Thanks again for such an amazing food!
Eternally Grateful,
Kelsey P.
Cumming, GA
My friend told me about this food because her dog had issues with allergies. When my 4yo IG developed some pretty nasty skin allergies, my vet prescribed some ointments and some limited ingredient foods(all were expensive). None of those worked. My friend kept after me and told me that with all of the visits I was making to the vet, I could invest in a better food and never have to get to the vet. I took her advice and tried the food she had sworn by for the last couple of years. Not only did my dog devour the Nature's Kitchen, but all of the lesions on the skin had cleared up in a few weeks. For any of you that have reservations about spending a little more on your dog's food because you don't think there can be that much of a difference in your dog's health--I encourage you to think it over. In my case, it was as dramatic as $25/month on a good food like Nature's Kitchen, -OR- spend $43 on a bag of "so called, good food" along with $478 in vet bills and $63 on prescriptions that didn't work. In my opinion, I made a $600 mistake. Don't be like me and throw money out the window. Invest in your dog--
Windermere, FL

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  • I had to buy another brand a week ago. Is Natures Kitchen discontinued?

    Aida Absi

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