10 Things To Do With Your Pup This Fall

10 Things To Do With Your Pup This Fall

Aug 31, 2018Stephanie Aguilera

As the weather cools down, Los Angeles has tons of fun things you and your furry best friend can do together. Whether you prefer to take them to the park to enjoy nature or have them tag along on your coffee break, these fun twists on fall activities are great for pups of all ages and sizes who love being by your side. Jump into fall with these 10 dog-friendly activities in Los Angeles!


Explore Griffith Park

There’s nothing like enjoying the cooler breeze at a park! Griffith Park is the perfect place to explore and stay active this season with your pet, as this spot is not only a park but has hiking trails and a dog park too! Whether your pup enjoys staying by your side on-leash or prefers to run free without anything holding them back, you can find a place just for them here.

Tip: We recommend bringing lunch and enjoying it at this gorgeous park with your pal!

Choose a new album at Amoeba Music in Hollywood

Whether you’re into top 40s hits, classical, or rock, at Amoeba Music you’ll find what you are searching for! This music oasis is in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard and is stocked with wide variety of music and movies. What makes this spot even better? They’re dog-friendly! In fact, their employees’ dogs have become part of the family and can sometimes be seen wandering throughout the aisles of Amoeba. This is a great place to visit when you’re looking for a little inspiration – just pick up your pet’s leash and go!

Tip: Ask the staff if they have any treats for your pup to enjoy!

Stroll Through the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica

Enjoy the sea breeze with your pup! The Third Street Promenade offers countless shops and spots to eat where your pet is more than welcome to join you. Here you'll see just as many pups hitting the pavements as people! From clothing shops to beauty boutiques, there's something for everyone and we're sure your pet will love being by your side. 

Tip: If your pet gets nervous around larger crowds, we recommend arriving early! 

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee at WKNDR in Los Feliz

Catch up with a friend at this cozy coffee shop with your pup by your side! Located at 1820 N Vermont Ave. in Los Feliz, this is a great spot to enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee, great music, and overall amazing vibes. This coffee shop’s dog-friendly patio sits next door to The Vista, a gorgeous landmark to the town, as well as other local shops that invite people to walk by and enjoy everything Los Feliz has to offer. What better way to enjoy the chilly season than with a warm cup of coffee with your pet by your side?

Tip: Ask for a puppuccino!

Hike at Runyon Canyon Park

If you live in Los Angeles, then you know how hot it gets in the summer. Hiking is perfect in the fall when the days are cooler, and you get the chance to catch a subtle scent of crisp air. Runyon Canyon is a great spot to bring your pup along and enjoy a nice walk up to the scenic overlook of Hollywood, where you might also recognize a familiar face as celebrities enjoy hiking here too. This park offers both on-leash and off-leash opportunities for your pet, making this a very popular spot for humans and their dogs. We give this spot 2 paws up for its wide area of dog-friendly areas!

Tip: Stick around for dusk to catch the gorgeous sunset!

Eat at the cozy Home Restaurant in Loz Feliz

If you’re looking for a unique place to eat with a comforting ambiance to it, give Home a try this fall. This restaurant offers a large outdoor patio where our four-legged family members are more than welcomed to join you. The patio is widely preferred by visitors due to beautiful trees cascading over the space that provide plenty of shade and breeze for guests, whether that be human or non-human, to enjoy. Their menu offers a wide variety of food, including comfort food with a healthy twist to it too!

Tip: Ask the server for their organic dog treats!

Fall photo shoot at Westfield Century City

If you’ve recently been to Westfield Century City, you know how instagrammable the mall is. With wall art, pop-up shops, and gorgeous window displays, this is a favorite spot for influencers, including human and pups, to come and snap pictures to keep their followers updated. Find Shelby and Sandy's color study here, as well as other art your pup would look perfect next to. If you’re thinking of starting an Instagram for your pet, this is the perfect place to begin!

Tip: Bring treats and a squeaky toy to get your pet’s attention for the perfect photo! And don’t forget to check out our store here located near Eataly!

Enjoy a beer at Angel City Brewery

Unwind after a long day by picking up your pup and heading over to Angel City Brewery for a drink! Located in the heart of the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District, Angel City is known as one of the most dog-friendly spots in Los Angeles that offers a wide selection of craft beers. This brewery stays true to their love for pets by cohosting events such as Yappy Hour with us, where owners can bring their pets over to meet other local pups. They also offer a large, open indoor space that’s welcoming to pets.

Tip: Make sure to bring an appetite since there’s always food trucks outside!

Watch a movie under the stars with Eat|See|Hear

Enjoy the crisp night air that fall has to offer by watching a movie outside with your best (furry) friend! Eat|See|Hear was originally created to fit the lifestyles of those who enjoy the outdoors, including pet owners who love spending time with their four-legged companion. When you enjoy a movie hosted by Eat|See|Hear, your pet will get greeted with free biscuits and treats and get to lap up water from the water bowls stationed throughout the venue. They’ve also thought ahead and made sure to have extra poop bags handy in case a pup has an accident – what haven’t they thought of?! This month, they’ll be showing Selena, Boogie Nights, and A League of Their Own in different spots throughout LA. For more information, check it out here.

Fun Fact: Eat|See|Hear proudly supports rescue organization, NKLA, and their initiative to make L.A. a no-kill city with the goal to #SaveThemAll!

Visit Healthy Spot!

For your pet to receive the ultimate fall experience, make sure to stop by any Healthy Spot! During this time of the year, we offer sweaters, cardigans, beds, and other comfy items for pets to live their best life. We also carry pumpkin flavored treats and seasonal toys that pets adore. It doesn’t stop there! Our Grooming Salon is offering a Fall Fresh Seasonal Special Enhancement, where pups will get pampered with essentials to keep them looking and feeling fresh all month long. To bring the complete fall experience to you are your pet, we’re offering 10% when you purchase a full grooming service, food, and toy together all month long!

We’re crazy about the fall season and all the amazing activities that come with it! There’s nothing like seeing your pet happy, curious, and appreciative to simply be by your side, whether that be at the park or at your local coffee shop. The next time you’re planning date night or brunch with a friend, make it extra special by checking out these 10 dog-friendly activities in Los Angeles and bringing your pet along too!

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