10 Reasons We're Thankful For Our Pets

10 Reasons We're Thankful For Our Pets

Oct 29, 2019Andrew Kim

At Healthy Spot, we are so grateful for every pet that comes into our stores and into our lives. In the spirit of the season, we wanted to reflect on why we are so thankful for our furry family members and how we can continue to show them how much they are loved and appreciated! Why do we feed our pets such high-quality food? Why do we put them in our Small Dog Daycare to socialize with their friends? The obvious reason is because they deserve it, but let’s get to the bottom of it. 

Here are our top 10 reasons why we are thankful for our pets!


Unconditional love

Your pet loves you unconditionally! An accidental step on their tail or an extra treat doesn’t matter because you will always be their favorite person. Purrs and licks are always a clear indication! 


Furry exterior

Their fur is pawfect for maximized pets. After each dog groom, they’re at their fluffiest, creating the softest fur you’ll find, while cats are always at their peak with their self-grooming. Everyone loves to pet their pets because of the joy it brings the pet, but we never hesitate because of their silky fur. Short or long hair, always amazing. Our Healthy Spot Signature Spa Enhance Spray is key here to leave your pet's fur soft and nourished! An easy in home spa day with this spray, available online here


Consistently adorable

We are constantly mesmerized anytime we stare directly into our pet’s eyes. What makes them so adorable? Is it the snout? Is it the way they shake their tails and push their ears back when they love you? The way they purr when you pet just the right spot? There isn’t a clear explanation, but our pets are all absolutely adorable. Some of us have brought in more than one furry friend to our family because of the lack of self control here! We’re guilty. 


Best friend

They are always there for you because they’re your best friend! They are the best listeners, and think you are the best thing in this world to exist. No matter if an ex breaks up with you or you didn’t have a great annual review, they are ready to listen, cuddle and make you feel better. They are also your biggest supporter. No one is as excited to see you happy than your pet!


Easily Pleased

Your furry friend is pleased very easily with love, games and of course, food. Think of it as being environmentally friendly when you top off their bowl with your leftover veggies and proteins. You’re not wasting food! Full from your chicken dinner? Add them to your pet’s bowl for extra protein! Peeled back a banana and don’t want to eat the bruised pieces? Toss it right in- it's high in fiber! 



Need to boost your Instagram likes? Use your pet! They love the attention and you’ll love your engagement rate. No one has ever complained from seeing a dog or cat in their Instagram feed. We may be biased but we definitely approve. Your pet doesn’t even have a good side, so you always get yours when you pose with them! They are adorable from all angles! 



While it may be annoying to pick up after your pets, your fluffy best friend is making sure you’re active without even trying. Your average daily steps automatically increase with a dog from having to walk them. You may even take up running or hiking with your dog to keep them happy and healthy, and prepare yourself for your next summer’s bod. 


Meet new friends

A pet is an easy way to meet new friends! Everyone loves speaking about their pets, being an easy conversation to have. Dog parks or local pet stores (like Healthy Spot!)  are essential because you are there for the same reason as everyone else! People will ask to pet your dog while you go on your daily walks too, where you can strike up a conversation!


Your Alter Ego

Your pet is probably more stylish than you are. They’ll look ready to pawty in any of our button downs or dresses we sell in all Healthy Spot locations!  You can even match with them, but then you might be embarrassed to learn your pet pulls off a jean jacket better than you do! Find your nearest Healthy Spot by clicking here to build up your pet’s wardrobe! 



Most importantly, pets have been proven to help you live longer! In a recent study written by USA Today, Dog owners have a 24% risk reduction for death from any cause, because of the happiness and stress relief your pet can bring! Between increasing physical activity and decreasing anxiety, you’re less likely to die from heart disease with a dog! The same goes for cat owners. Medical News Today found that cat owners are 30% less likely to die from heart disease or stress-related conditions! 

These are only 10 reasons we’re thankful for our pets. Make sure to share why you’re thankful for your furry friend on your Instagram to enter our Thankful Fur My Pet contest to be one of 3 winners to receive a gift basket valued at over $100! Click here for more info!




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