Healthy Spot’s Participation in California Pet Store Law

Jan 09, 2019Andrew Kim

On December 21, 2018, Bill AB 485 was passed in the state of California to ban the sale of mill-bred dogs, cats and rabbits in stores effective January 2019. With the passing of this bill, pet stores in California can legally only sell pets that come from rescue and shelters and not from businesses such as puppy mills. 

The passing of this Bill is extremely close to Healthy Spot’s heart. Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Kim was heavily involved in the process of it being passed, giving a heartfelt testimony at the State Assembly and then again at the Senate. He shared Healthy Spot’s success as a pet store without the need to ever sell a single pet. We are proud partners of local rescues and animal shelters and thrilled to say we’ve seen dozens of adoptable pets find a new home at our adoption events and at Healthy Spot locations.

We believe by banning an outdated business practice of selling pets will positively impact our community in many ways. From reducing overcrowding in shelters to saving thousands of animals’ lives from euthanasia, we hope this humane approach helps more pets live a longer and healthier life by being loved and supported. We are thrilled to be kicking off the new year with AB 485 as a new law in California and hope to see it expand to other states soon!

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