Wondercide Flea & Tick Pets + Home Spray Cedar & Lemongrass

$ 12.95 - $ 24.95

Wondercide Pet & Home Cedar + Lemongrass Spray (featured on ABC’s Shark Tank) is an all-natural flea and tick solution for your pets.  Safe and effective for both dogs and cats, all ages and sizes.  Lab-tested to kill 100% of fleas on contact, this spray is both a preventative and a treatment.  Wondercide’s key ingredient is organic cedar oil which has been used for centuries to manage pests.

Key Benefits

  • Contains the natural power of cedar oil
  • Therapeutic-grade lemongrass oil to accent the cedar scent
  • No toxic chemicals - EVER
  • Kills every stage of the insect life cycle: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.  Other natural products do not.
  • Stops itching and scratching, comforts dry skin
  • Safe for kittens, puppies and nursing mothers
  • Recommended by holistic veterinarians
  • Can safely be sprayed on bedding, upholstery, furniture and flooring
  • Replaces flea & tick drops, pills, powders, bombs and dips

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