Ruffwear Front Range Collar - Red Canyon

$ 16.99

Ruffwear's Front Range Collar is designed with a convenient side-release buckle for daily use. Its ombré design pays homage to the natural color variations found in Ruffwear's Front Range™ Collection, inspired by the hues of nature. Boasting Ruffwear's distinctive collar elements, including an aluminum V-ring, a dedicated attachment point for ID tags, a silicone tag silencer, and durable, colorfast webbing that ensures both strength and comfort.

The webbing on this collar includes recycled content for a reduced impact on the planet. All plastic hardware is manufactured by bluesign certified suppliers who work to minimize any environmental impact.



  • Made out of 100% Polyester webbing for longterm use
  • Side-release buckle for quick and easy fastening
  • Aluminum V-ring to attach leash
  • Includes separate attachment point for ID tags


Size: Details:
Small Neck Size: 11"-14" (28 cm - 36 cm) Width: 0.75" (20 mm)
Medium Neck Size: 14"-20" (36 cm - 51 cm) Width: 1" (25 mm)
Large Neck Size: 20"-26" (51 cm - 66 cm) Width: 1" (25 mm)

Dimensions and sizing listed are based on vendor recommendations. Please measure your pet to ensure a proper fit and that your pet is secure before use.

$ 16.99