Jax & Bones Rope Jerry Giraffe

$ 20.00

Jax & Bones Good Karma Rope Toys are all hand tied using non-toxic vegetable dyes.  As your dog chews, the rope frays and acts like doggie dental floss.  Each rope toy has a “chewer” level on the tag to help you choose the right toy for your dog.  The chewing level is determined by how tight the rope is tied.  Jerry the Giraffe’s neck is so long, he can see all the abandoned animals out there that need loving homes.  When you purchase this toy, Jax & Bones donates 10% of the proceeds to rescue groups to help homeless animals find their forever homes.

NOTE:  Just because you have a small dog doesn’t mean he’s a light chewer.  Many small dogs are just as aggressive chewers as big dogs.  Choose the toy that is best suited to your dog, not necessarily the one that’s the cutest.

Key Benefits

  • Hand tied and dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes
  • For Heavy Chewers – dogs who like to chew, tug and have a tight grip
  • Dip in water and freeze to cool down a hot dog or to soothe a “teether”

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