Healthy Spot 5-Pack USA Steer Sticks

$ 12.95
Healthy Spot 5-Pack USA Steer Sticks

Healthy Spot 5-Pack USA Steer Sticks

$ 12.95

Healthy Spot

USA Chews

Healthy Spot USA Chews are all natural, single ingredient chews your dog will love.  When your dog chews, it releases endorphins which makes him happy.  Plus, they’ll keep your puppy busy for a while.  Standard and Monster Bully Sticks, Prime Rib Backstrap and Steer Sticks – whichever chew you choose, your dog will love you for it!


      • Only bully sticks made specifically for small dogs – toy to medium sized dogs
      • Odor free
      • Sourced and packed in the USA
      • No additives, preservatives, chemicals or smoke
      • Highly palatable
      • Free-range grass fed cattle
      • Fully digestible
      • Great for promoting dental health and reducing anxiety through healthy chewing
      • Cleaned thoroughly, vertically hung and baked in their own juices
      • Process used leaves the meat solid all the way through


        • When it gets to a size where the dog could swallow it, take it away

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