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Healthy Spot Signature Spa Cleanse Shampoo

$ 14.99
The Healthy Spot Signature Spa Line is our exclusive collection of grooming products, including dog and cat-friendly shampoos and conditioning spray, as well as ultra-gentle wipes for pups! 

Cleanse Shampoo is made from green tea leaf extract that helps restore the fur's natural oils and moisture balance. A synergetic blend of roots, herbs, Argan and Moringa Seed Oils, these earth minerals gently remove dirt and regulates a natural pH balance. Cleanse leaves the skin and coat glossy, shiny, and squeaky clean.


  • Green Tea Extract - Powerful antioxidant, reduces hair loss.
  • Apple Fruit Extract - Rejuvenates hair for a glossy clean coat.
  • Lavender Oil - Calming effect for skin and coat, leaves coat smooth and shiny.
  • Cleanse Shampoo is 17 FL OZ. / 503 ML
$ 14.99
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