Stella & Chewy's Feline Dinner Morsels Turkey

$ 24.99
Stella & Chewy's Feline Dinner Morsels Turkey

Stella & Chewy's Feline Dinner Morsels Turkey

$ 24.99

Cats are carnivores and they deserve to thrive on real, minimally-processed food, the way nature intended.  The closer foods stay to their natural state, the better they are.  It’s what your cat would eat in the wild, only better, because Stella & Chewy’s dinners are specifically formulated for your cat’s nutritional needs and made with premium ingredients you can count on. No added hormones or antibiotics along with organic fruits and vegetables, probiotics and antioxidants.  The taste and nutrition cats naturally crave!

9 oz. (255g)


    • Produced in their own manufacturing facility in Oak Creek, WI
    • Freeze Dried and minimally processed to preserve vital nutrients and ensure palatability
    • Turkey without added hormones or antibiotics
    • 98% meat, nutrient rich organs & bone
    • Organic fruits and vegetables
    • Rich in taurine and probiotics for dietary health
    • No grains or fillers, No gluten
    • Easiest way to give your dog the raw, nutrient-rich meat taste he loves
    • Can be used as a complete meal or as a topper
    • Easy for travel
    • Complete meal: rehydrate with warm water