Smallbatch Freeze-Dried Raw Canine Beef

$ 28.95
Smallbatch Freeze-Dried Raw Canine Beef

Smallbatch Freeze-Dried Raw Canine Beef

$ 28.95

The goal at Small Batch is to produce the freshest pet food that mimics the animal’s natural eating habits.  Their focus is to be the best at what they do – providing a local, healthy, and earth conscious alternative that the consumer can trust with as small a footprint as possible.  Their single source protein formulas are sourced locally and are “made to order” to ensure freshness.  The Sliders are 88% meat (including muscle meat, organs and bone), 10% produce and 2% supplements.  The product isn’t produced until they receive the order from the distributor.


    • Locally sourced and produced in California
    • Freeze Dried and minimally processed to preserve vital nutrients and ensure palatability
    • Humanely-raised beef - no antibiotics or hormones
    • Certified organic fruits and vegetables
    • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids from whole food sources
    • Bee pollen used as multi-vitamin
    • Pure, organic, unrefined supplements
    • Easy for travel. Just add water.

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