Ciao Churu Purees - Tuna with Scallop

$ 5.95
Ciao Churu Purees - Tuna with Scallop

Ciao Churu Purees - Tuna with Scallop

$ 5.95

Ciao is the most popular brand of premium cat treats in Japan, due in large part because they are fanatically focused on quality, innovation and taste.  “Churu” means delicious!  Churu™ Purées are lickable treats for cats.  Packaged like yogurt for kids, they have a creamy texture and savory flavor.  Just tear open a tube and squeeze a little to feed by hand or into a bowl.  A unique treat your cats will love!


  • Sustainably harvested deep ocean tuna, dolphin safe
  • Cage-free chicken, naturally raised
  • No grains, preservatives or artificial colors
  • High in moisture that felines need for health
  • Made in Thailand
  • Prepared in their own state-of-the-art FDA registered facilities, following the same standards as a US human food plan
  • Packaging materials have special oxygen blocking properties to protect the health of your cat
  • 4 tubes per package

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