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Feb 29, 2020
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Freshen Up Your Pup's Look This Spring With These New Hairstyles!

Feb 29, 2020

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to fur-eshen things up - and that includes your pup’s style! Not only does a groom keep your pet healthy, but it totally boosts their self-esteem (let’s be real, they know when they look good.) Our award-winning groomers at Healthy Spot put together this wagnificent list of hot new hairstyles that are bound to make your four-legged friend stand out and shine!

Happy - Miniature Poodle

Happy is modeling a round head with a short puppy muzzle and his ears hiding in his fluffy hair. Happy's body is trimmed short with fuller teddy-bear-style legs that are tapered shorter at the top like a bowling pin.


Frankie - Havanese 

Frankie's look is styled by creating textured, choppy layers on his head and ears. His muzzle is trimmed short to show off his rockstar mane while his legs are full to provide balance with his head.


Buddy - Miniature Poodle

Buddy is sporting a soft mohawk and a short, round muzzle. His ears are trimmed short to compliment his tiny mohawk. Buddy’s feet are also trimmed short, like sneakers, which is one of the new trends this season.


Herman - Bichon Frise

Herman is fierce with this edgy look! He’s wearing cords in his mane contrasted by a puppy muzzle. His body is trimmed short so Herman can easily wear the latest fashions without getting matted.


Lana - Shih Tzu

Lana is modeling a short round muzzle with a tiny mohawk. The mohawk is connected to her full body, which is trimmed round. This latest trend is made by shaving the ears and legs very short to create a whimsical sheep appearance.  


Sherlock - Maltipoo 

Sherlock is in a puppy face with hidden ears, to take years off his distinguished gentlemen's look. His body is trimmed in a longer puppy style to minimize the pink of his skin showing.


Bowie - Miniature Goldendoodle 

Bowie's look is created by leaving his head and ears in their natural state, then separating his muzzle from the shaggy locks on his head. His muzzle is trimmed round and left slightly fuller to create a puppy look. Bowie’s body is still fluffy but taken a little shorter for easier maintenance.


Whether you’re looking for a less-is-more look or something bold and dramatic, our expert groomers will have your pup leaving our salon looking fluffed and fab. Click here to find your closest salon to book your grooming appointment at Healthy Spot today!

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