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Aug 04, 2023
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Aug 04, 2023

With Halloween right around the corner, many of us are looking forward to celebrating with our loved ones, including the most important family member of all: our pets! Amidst all the Fall festivities, finding the pawfect costume for our pets can be overlooked, which is why we're helping you plan early! To ensure your pet has the most enjoyable Paw-lloween, take the time to select a costume that complements their individuality. After all, just like our unique fingerprints, our pets possess distinctive personalities that deserve to be celebrated this season and every season. We've compiled a list of costume ideas to help you plan the ultimate spooky celebration for your pet's one-of-a-kind personality!


Have you got a mischievous pet on your hands? The kind of pet that side-eyes you in moments of weakness? Or perhaps a furry friend that always seems to be present whenever things go haywire? We know the type! Instead of being spooked, have some fun, embrace their inner weirdo and dress your pet up as a legendary villain. After all, our pets are peculiar in their own special way, so let's celebrate their quirks and give them a little bit of a frightful flair!

Pet Costumes Freddy Kruger Michael Meyers


Somebody cue the Halloween theme song for the shy and quiet pet that loves to watch and be a part of the crowd… from a distance. 👀 

Michael Meyers Halloween Pet Costume Dog Cat



One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Whether your pet is a part of your dream or the reason you woke up from one, this costume is sure to kill! 🔪

Freddy Kruger Nightmare on Elm Street Pet Costume Halloween Dog Cat



Once upon a time in Paw-llywood, your pup-culture-obsessed pet received a standing ovation for their Halloween look! Make this tale as old as time reality and get your posh pet in the Halloween spirit by dressing them up as their favorite Hollywood character or celebrity personality. With costumes this good, you’ll want to call the pup-arazzi and get your bite-sized super star on the cover of every magazine! Stay too cute to spook and roll out the red carpet for these showstopping looks.

Hollywood Star Pet Costumes Dog Cat Bob Ross Chef Top Gun Bruiser Woods Mean Girls  



We don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents! Channel your pet’s inner artist and make them the kindest and most creative pet at the pawty. 🎨 

Bob Ross Pet Costume Dog Cat Halloween



Dress your pet as one of the most iconic Hollywood pups of all time and make them the envy of Harvard Law School! What, like it’s hard? 🎀 

Pet Costume Halloween Dog Cat Bruiser Woods Legally Blonde



Feel the need for speed? This cool Maverick costume is pawfect for the pet adventurer - just be careful not to fly into the danger zone. 🛩️

Top Gun Maverick Pet Costume Halloween Dog Cat



Your pet will serve delicious realness in this costume, making you want to say, ‘Yes, Chef’! Bone-Appetit! 🧑‍🍳

Chef Pet Costume Dog Cat Halloween 


Your pet’s not a regular pet, they’re a cool pet. Fit in with the plastics in this fetch fit. 💋

Mean Girls Movie Mom Pet Costume Dog Cat Halloween I'm A Cool Mom



All Hallow's Eve has become a night of frolic, where pets wear costumes and run amok! Amock, amock, amock, amock, amock! Just ask The Sanderson Sisters! If you have a full house of pets, celebrate the sibling-like bond your fur children hold by dressing them as the most iconic set of siblings this Halloween. But beware of fire burns and cauldron bubbles. Something wicked this way comes, and we sense the trendiest trio of terrifyingly cute witches this season!

Hocus Pocus Movie Pet Costume Halloween Dog Cat Disney Sanderson Sisters



This is the pawfect fit for the leader of the pack and the pet who just loves the spotlight! Be careful, they might just put a spell on you. 🔮

Hocus Pocus Movie Disney Pet Costume Sanderson Sisters Winifred Dog Cat Halloween


Is your pet the biggest romantic? Loves to cuddle and can be absent-minded at times? This Sanderson sister would relate to your pet’s sense of joy and wonder! 🌙

Hocus Pocus Movie Disney Sanderson Sisters Sarah Halloween Pet Costume Dog Cat 

A little crazy never hurt anybody! This Sanderson sister is just right for the independent and loyal pet who has a tendency to be a bit on the nuttier side. 🪄

 Hocus Pocus Movie Disney Sanderson Sisters Mary Halloween Pet Costume Dog Cat



Squad up! Get your whole pack involved in a group costume and hit up the most legendary street of all time! Sesame Street taught us our ABCs and 123s and this Halloween makes the pawfect time to show your appreciation. Dress your crew of fur buddies in costumes that are equal parts cute and funny. These colorful fits will cause endless smiles and will be a hit no matter what street your gang chooses to celebrate on!  


Elmo thinks the giggliest pet should be this chunk of love for Halloween. Plus, this costume is best for pets who love a good scratch because it’s sure to get the most tickles. 🤭 

 Sesame Street Elmo Pet Costume Halloween Dog Cat 


Does your little monster get crazy around food? Not-so-picky and will eat anything and everything in sight? Cookie Monster can relate! Om nom nom nom. 🍪

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Pet Costume Halloween Dog Cat



A practical pet is typically the voice of reason among the fur-iend group, just like Bert! Get your old soul a costume they won’t mind rockin’ all night! 👍

Sesame Street Bert Pet Costume Halloween Dog Cat



Every fur-iend group has a silly and energetic member, just like Ernie! If your pet is the -idiosyncratic member of their fur-iends, this character would be the best suited for them. 😂

Sesame Street Ernie Pet Costume Halloween Dog Cat


Do you know why The Count is called The Count? Because he loves to count! AH AH AH! Get your goofy pet the most fang-tastic costume of all. 🧛

Sesame Street The Count Pet Costume Halloween Dog Cat

With so many great options, landing on just one costume may be im-paw-sible! We're thrilled to have helped you narrow down your pick for your pet's 2023 Halloween look, but don't fur-get, we have more spooktacular options to explore in our Paw-lloween Shop launching September 5 online and September 11 in stores! Scroll through even more ghoulish greatness to maximize your celebrations.

Plus, we'll be hosting an Instagram costume contest for the chance to win a $500 Healthy Spot gift card. Be sure to check out our IG page before October 15 for all of the details on how to submit your entry once you've found the purr-fect costume.  

     🎃Happy shopping and Happy Halloween🎃

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