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Nov 15, 2021
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Howliday Gift Guide: Cheerful Chewer

Nov 15, 2021

The Cheerful Chewer

This guide is pawfect for the pup who prefers to spend time chomping away on bully sticks, toys and even your own belongings. If your dog destroys toys or your belongings out of boredom, keep them distracted during the festivities with these special picks for power chewers and tug-obsessed pups.

  1. Bully Sticks 5-Pack: These highly palatable, long lasting treats will keep your pup busy while you’re wrapping, socializing, eating and cleaning too! Pick up a bundle of 5 to save and always have a spare bully stick handy around your house.
  2. MIND BODY BOWL Salmon Rolls Dog Treats: These crunchy, single-ingredient treats are packed with protein, plus the Scottish Salmon will deliver doses of Omegas-3, 6 and 9 benefitting your pup’s skin and fur!
  3. Zippy Paws Hanukkah RopeTugz - Bear: Get your dog moving with a game of tug-o-war before they settle down with a chew toy while you take care of business! Zippy Paws Holiday RopeTugz are made with extra durable fabric and can withstand hours of play, plus you can sneak in arm exercise while you bond with your pet.
  4. Fringe Studio Let it Glow - Sloth w/Lights on Rope: Whether your pup is a fan of crinkling effects, rope toys or playing with you, this toy can do it all! The super loud squeaker and extra crinkles inside will keep them entertained when they’re playing alone, or you can ramp up the fun by grabbing the end of the tuggable rope at any time!
  5. Zippy Paws Naughty Nice Holiday 3 pack: This set of minis is great if you’ve got a small pup that loves squeakers, plus they fit in any Zippy Paws burrow toy you may already own!
  6. Joy Vey Bone Plush: This bone is both extra soft and extra durable to put up with even the toughest companions, plus the “Joy Vey” and “Shalom” lettering make it all too easy to include your pet in Hanukkah celebrations.
  7. Zippy Paws Holiday Hour Crusherz, 3-pack: This toy set is fun for you and your pup! You’ll get a laugh when you see them enjoying their bottle of Santa Schnapps, Elf Nog or Reindeer Beer, and they’ll enjoy the crinkly features of the water bottle beneath the fabric and the squeaking caps!
  8. K9 Grillz Appointment: Keeping your pup healthy is the best gift of all and oral care is a vital part of their health and happiness! Call your local Spot to schedule a visit with K9 Grillz, our partner specializing in non-anesthetic teeth cleaning for cats and dogs.
  9. PLAY Merry Woofmas Good Dog Stocking: This stocking, decorated with “Dear Santa, I can explain…” lettering is pawfect for the pup that did their best but couldn’t resist the fun of chewing! The stocking has crinkles hidden beneath the extra durable fabric, plus the play bone has a squeaker too!

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