The Benefits of a Raw Diet

Posted on Jan 20, 2016 , 1 comment

Why go raw?

Healthy Spot was started with raw pet foods in mind. Dogs and cats are naturally carnivores and while they may survive off a kibble diet, they’re unlikely to be thriving on it.

Raw Pet Food Diet

It’s more natural to your pet. Dogs and cats are carnivores and their digestive systems are intended for diets where they get their nourishment from raw meat, bones and organs of other animals. A raw diet help optimize nutrient absorption.

It promotes better health and that means less trips to the vet. A raw diet also lessens the chances of your dog developing diseases like diabetes. Food allergies are also easier to avoid given the minimal added ingredients and filler in raw foods. It may also lessen the affects chronic degenerative diseases, auto-immune diseases, kidney, pancreatic and liver disease.

They’ll look better! Pets fed a kibble diet often have a coat that feels greasy to the touch and looks dull in appearance.  With a raw diet you can expect your pets coat to improve and be softer and shinier while being less oily.

Better weight management and less bloating. Kibble is loaded with grains and other filler that promotes gas build up. Raw diets feature healthy enzymes that help digest food and reduce the amount of bloating in dogs.

Less smells! Since there’s less filler, your pets will be absorbing and utilizing more of the food they eat which leads to less coming out the other end. And it’ll smell less! And their breath will be fresher too. No more dog/cat breath during snuggle sessions.


Suzanne Ives on

My Gracie loves her raw diet! She’s on frozen venison, rabbit and duck duck goose. I rotate the food so she doesn’t get bored. She has food allergies, the exotic foods have had a positive impact on her allergies. ?

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