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New Year, New Dog! Training Seminar With Jennifer McCarthy

Posted on Dec 15, 2015 , 0 comments

We all make New Year’s resolutions. To improve ourselves or try something new. But what about one for your dog? Maybe there’s that one (or three) lingering bad habit you can’t seem to get them to break. That’s why we’re starting the New Year with free in-store seminars from Jennifer McCarthy World Class Dog Training.

Who is Jennifer McCarthy?

Known as “Wolf Woman”, Jennifer McCarthy is a 4th generation trainer with 20 years of experience. A dog trainer to the stars. Jennifer has also been featured on National Geographic, E! and Bravo. She’s spent time studying wolves and uses her knowledge of wild canines in her training philosophy.

Teaching old dogs new tricks

During her in-store seminars McCarthy and her team will be taking questions on a variety of issues such as excessive barking, inappropriate chewing, digging, separation anxiety, potty training, begging and more! Bring your questions and her team can help determine if her classes are a good fit for you and your dog. Her classes are held in all our stores.

Seminar Dates

West Hollywood January 3rd from 11am – 12pm RSVP here

Santa Monica January 10th from 11am – 12pm RSVP here Marina del Rey January 10th from 3pm – 4pm RSVP here

For more information about Jennifer McCarthy visit her website at JMdogtraining.com.

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