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New From The Honest Kitchen: Proper Toppers

Posted on Oct 28, 2015 , 0 comments

Something exciting is coming from The Honest Kitchen. We’re big fans of The Honest Kitchen and their healthy and convenient food and treats. Now they’re making a healthy diet for your dog even easier with their new line of Proper Toppers.

What are Proper Toppers?

Proper Toppers are 100% FDA approved human grade dehydrated pet foods. It’s made with 90% meat plus apples, pumpkin, chard, blueberries, vitamins and minerals for a tasty way to add protein and antioxidants to your dog’s existing diet.

Great For Dogs on a Kibble Diet

The harsh cooking methods used to make kibble causes most of the nutritional value in kibble ingredients to be cooked away. The meat in Proper Toppers is gently dehydrated leaving its nutritional value intact. Along with fruits and veggies, using Proper Topper with kibble give your dog’s diet an extra boost of nutrition and protein!

Dogs Love It!

Your dogs will be begging for more since Proper Toppers uses fresh, human grade poultry meat. It’s not just an easy addition to a dog’s meal, it’s also simple enough to use as a treat. We’ll be carrying chicken and turkey flavors of Proper Toppers for dogs in 5.5oz and 14.oz sizes. Find The Honest Kitchen’s Proper Toppers at all Healthy Spot locations beginning in November. If you have any questions about Proper Toppers and if it would benefit your dog’s diet ask a Healthy Spot staff member during your next visit. All Proper Topper products are 20% in the month of November.

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