Tips For Feeding Your Dog Bones

Posted on Aug 31, 2015 , 0 comments

Dogs love bones. It’s a fact. And they should since bones enhance tooth, gum, and jaw health. Adding bones to a dog’s diet is also an easy way to add calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals to your dog’s diet. But not all bones are created equal. We recommend feeding your dog raw bones to keep them healthy and safe. Here are the do’s and don’t when feeding your pup raw bones. DO
  • Feed your dog meaty, non-weight bearing bones such as chicken/turkey necks that provide calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals.
  • Feed your dog recreational bones filled with tasty marrow. These larger bones provide mental stimulation while massaging gums and cleaning teeth. They also provide amino and essential fatty acids.
  • Feed the bones while they are still frozen. They are harder and dogs will be forced to slow down and gnaw at the bone.
  • Find bones that your dog can’t swallow whole. Rule of thumb is to buy a bone larger than the length of your dog’s muzzle. While bones can never been too big for a dog they can be too small.
  • Throw out recreational bones once the bone is small enough to be swallowed whole or has been out for more than two days.
  • Feed your dog bones that fall into the “3 B’s”: Baked, Broiled, Barbecued. The heat dries up these bones which makes them brittle and prone to splintering.
  • Leave your dog unsupervised when they are gnawing on a bone. Remember to remove any small pieces that your dog chews off to avoid choking.
  • Give raw bones to a dog that has had restorative dental work done.
  • Give bones to a group of dogs. No matter how friendly dogs are to one another they might get territorial with bones. Give bones to dogs separately to avoid fighting.
  • Let your dog chew bones on carpet. As the bones thaw out they can leave stains behind. Have your dog enjoy their bone in their crate, on an easily cleaned surface, or outside.
A great option for raw bones are Primal Raw Bones, which are available at all Healthy Spot locations. Find the closest location to you here.

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