4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Posted on Jun 29, 2015 , 0 comments

4th of July is coming up! That means BBQ, hanging out in good company and, of course, fireworks! While we enjoy these activities, your pet may think otherwise. Here are some tips for staying safe while celebrating the 4th of July! Taking your pup out to watch fireworks in crowded areas like the beach or park can be stressful, especially for younger dogs. Calming aids can help in these situations when you want to bring your pup along but don’t want them getting worked up. We have several natural remedies for calming your pet that use chamomile and other natural ingredients to keep pets calm during celebrations. If you feel that your dog is overly sensitive to these types of situations, it is probably best to leave them at home. The 4th of July is the perfect time to fire up the grill. When cooking up some tasty BBQ you know Spot’s going to want some of that grilled goodness. While raw bones are fine, cooked bones snap and splinter leaving sharp edges that can harm your pet. Throw cooked bones away and make sure your pup can’t get to them. Fleas and other insects are out in full force during the summer. Before treating your pet with preventative flea care it’s important to remember that what may be safe for human use might be toxic to your pets. Be sure to use flea and insect repellent formulated specifically for your pets. Sometimes what will be safe for dogs isn’t safe for cats and vice versa. Check with our store employees when choosing a flea and insect repellent for your pet. If your pet is overly anxious and stressed it might be better to leave them at home, specifically indoors. Pets left outdoors have been known to try to escape when fireworks are going off. Pets that are easily spooked or prone to anxiety will be happier left at home. Keep alcoholic drinks where pets can’t reach them. Who hasn’t been guilty of the party foul of orphaning an adult beverage? Just keep a look out for drinks that Spot can take a sip of, especially with smaller pups.

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