10 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Cool And Beating The Heat

Posted on Mar 27, 2015 , 0 comments

It’s warming up now that Spring is in the air! We all know how hot it can get in Southern California and it’s only going to get warmer in the coming months. Now’s a good time to start thinking about how to help your pet beat the heat when the mercury rises. Here’s a few tips on keeping you pet cool and how to spot when they’re overheating. Water, please Make sure you’re pup has access to fresh water throughout the day. Dogs and cats can dehydrate quickly in addition to overheating so much sure there’s a bowl of fresh, clean water at home. Keep a bottle of water with you during walks and carry a collapsible drinking bowl. To cut or not to cut? For many breeds of dogs and cats with long or double coats, shaving will actually have the opposite effect of keeping your pet cool when it’s hot. Your pet’s coat is actually protecting them from sunburn and overheating. We recommend frequent brushing and grooming to keep the undercoat from matting which restricts airflow. Still not sure what the best hot weather cut is best for your pup? Feel free to drop by or call your local Healthy Spot to speak with one of our groomers. Watch for signs of dehydration and overheating Dog’s don’t sweat. Panting helps them cool down through evaporation, although some flat-faced breeds like pugs or Persian cats cannot pant properly. If your pup seems fatigued or lethargic, that may be a sign of overheating. If you lift their skin and it takes longer than usual to fall back into place, that’s a sign of dehydration. Switch up your walking schedule Going for walks earlier in the morning when it’s not so hot or a few hours after the sun has gone down will help keep your pet cool and safe. Stay on the grass Keep your pup off the asphalt and cement if the sun’s out as the heat rising from the ground is enough to burn your pup’s paws. Use doggie boots if you need to. Pool Pawty! Use the heat and sunshine as an excuse to get wet! Set up a kiddie pool in a cool, shady area and let your dog lounge away. Be shady If you’re taking your pup on a long walk during the day be sure that there’s plenty of shade along the way. If they’re looking to lie down at every shady spot they come across it might be time to turn around and go home. If they’re really resisting it’s best to pick your pup up and carry them back home. Leave them at home (or doggie day care) Never leave your dog in a car on a hot day. Temperatures can quickly rise inside a car even if the temperature outside is moderate. It’s better to leave your pup at home or at doggie day care. Keep that belly cool Dogs regulate temperature from their belly and paws. They might lay down on cool tile in the afternoon. You can also leave a wet towel in their crate as the evaporation will cool them off much more quickly than spraying the top of their coats with water. Don’t use ice While putting ice packs on your pup might seem fine the abrupt change in temperature will actually constrict blood vessels causing your pup to overheat. A wet towel in the crate, kiddie pool lounge sessions, or laying down on a cool tile floor are better alternatives.

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