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7 Lucky Green Pet Products

Posted on Mar 17, 2015 , 0 comments

Feelin’ a little Irish today? Wearing green? We’re all about that. From Irish Settlers to our signature sea of green color scheme, St. Patrick’s day is a howlin’ good time for us. While us human enjoy our beer and corned beef there’s reason for your dog to celebrate too! Here are some of our favorite green products! SustainaFill Dog bed filler made from recycled soda bottles? You bet! Not only is it hypo-allergenic it’s also locally made in Los Angeles. Used in a variety of products we carry from Jax & Bones to our own Healthy Spot donut beds, SustainaFill will keep your dog comfy while being eco-friendly. Earth Rated I poop bag doesn’t have to be fancy. Afterall, it’s just for holding poop. But plastics aren’t very kind to our environment which is why Earth Rated goes the extra mile with their poop bags to make sure they’re environmentally friendly. Their rolls cores are made of recycled materials while the bags themselves are corn-based and 100% non-plastic. They donate bags that don’t pass quality control to shelters while recycling excess production material. A lot of thoughtfulness for poop bags and we appreciate it. Kelp Green in both color and being sustainable, Kelp makes for both a dietary supplement to aid digestion and a great treat to reward your pup. Kelp also contains 70 minerals and vitamins to give your pup which help keep the immune, skin, and bone systems healthy. Kelpies from Pet Kelp is a great green treat while Wholistic Pet Organics has a whole line of supplements that help with everything from healthy joints to digestion. SimplyFido To your pup, it’s just an awesome chew toy. But you can rest easy knowing that SimplyFido pet toys are made with organic materials and low impact dyes. With a third of the world’s pesticides used on cotton alone which is why they use organic, pesticide-free cotton. The dyes used on these whimsical toys also generate less waste and contamination as traditional dyes. Lincoln Bark Powered by Chia Seeds. Turn you pup into a Chia Pet! No, these treats won’t you’re your pup sprout lust green foliage overnight but they will have them wagging their tails in delight. Made with 100% natural, human-grade ingredients with no preservatives or additives, these are Chia Seed treats are packed with antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids to promote canine health. Beco Bowls With a whole line of eco-friendly products from beds to toys to poop bags, Beco Pets is a one stop shop for all things green for the environment. Their Beco Bowls stand out as being completely sustainable and biodegradable while being dishwasher friendly. Made with bamboo and rice husks they’re not just Earth friendly but tough as well. Biokleen Not just for humans, Biokleen has a line of stain and odor remover for pets. Sometimes Spot like to, well, spot around the house. While other stain and odor removers use chlorine or ammonia, Biokleen uses live enzyme cultures along with citrus extracts and plant-based surfactants to remove stain and odors.

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