Everything You Need To Know About K9 Grillz Part 3

Posted on Feb 18, 2015 , 0 comments

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and Heathy Spot is proud to work with K9 Grillz. Led by Dr. Christopher Thomas, K9 Grillz offers one of the best non-anesthetic pet teeth cleaning services in the country. In this 3-part interview, Dr. Thomas dishes on the benefits of non-anesthetic teeth cleanings. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 at Spot's Corner. 7. What is your opinion on dental chews, sprays or wipes? Are they helpful? Do you recommend any particular brands? They are definitely better then nothing I suppose but I do not have a particular affinity to any specific brand. I do not want people to get the idea that these are nearly as effective as brushing. They work best in conjunction with brushing. Again, I ask you to imagine only wiping or spraying your teeth for 6 months or even longer. 8. What breeds are most prone to dental disease? What extra steps do you recommend for people that own these breeds? Toy and smaller breeds as well as brachycephalic (smush face dogs i.e. Pugs, Frenchies, Bostons etc) seem to be more predisposed to poor dentition. For these breeds especially, it is important to start taking care of their teeth from a young age. Start getting them used to brushing just like you would start to get them used to having their feet played with for nail trimming and so forth. Also the smaller and toy breed dogs should not partake in tug of war games with their owners or other dogs. Their tooth roots are shorter then larger breed dogs, their jaw bones are smaller which means there is not as much bone for the short roots to root in and their teeth can become loose easily by frequent tug of war games. 9. How did you come up with the idea of K9 Grillz? What sets you apart from other people offering the same services? I came up with the idea for this company when I was asked by a friend to oversee an anesthesia free dental cleaning clinic they were having at their boarding facility. I realized that the service was indeed beneficial but not properly being addressed at most locations. I immediately realized that if we as veterinarians could standardize the procedure, it was a real way to help the overall health of many many animals who were not ever going to have their teeth cleaned due to prohibitive costs and risks of anesthetic dentals. I also like the idea of being able to perform this outside of a hospital as I believe it lowers the animals anxiety. I believe that we have constructed a very strict set of criteria which we screen our patients against. I believe this affords the animals the absolute best care whether it be by anesthesia at their regular veterinarian or anesthesia free with us. Their are anesthesia free dental cleaning services at some locations that sub contract various veterinarians to oversee their clinic days but by doing so there is no guarantee of consistency of care. All veterinarians and all dental technicians that work for us are trained with the samestandards of care and screen for the same criteria. Another very important part to our service is our precheck exam. Once the veterinarian performs their physical and oral exam each patient is then seen by one of our dental technicians for our "precheck" exam. The dental technician performs a very thorough examination of every tooth with instruments looking for any conspicuous problems the veterinarian may have missed. If found the veterinarian is alerted and the appropriate recommendations are then given to the client. The animal has to make it through both examinations to be admitted into our program. We are a team dedicated to truly giving the animal the absolute best of care. 10. And lastly, do you offer services for cats? Many dog owners also own cats. Can they also benefit from non anesthetic dental cleaning? YES! We love cats! Cats absolutely benefit from teeth cleaning and proper oral health. We love them, please bring them to see us. Thanks to Dr. Thomas and the entire crew at K9 Grillz for this in-depth look into anesthesia free pet teeth cleaning. K9 Grillz has regularly scheduled in-store cleanings at Healthy Spot locations year round. Check out their calendar here to find out when Dr. Thomas will be at a Healthy Spot near you. For more info about K9 Grillz visit their website or check out their section on HealthySpot.com

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