So Fresh and So Clean With K9 Grillz

Posted on Oct 16, 2014 , 0 comments

Here at Healthy Spot we’re all about doing what’s best for your dog’s mind, body, and bowl. That’s why we’re extremely selective with the products you see on our shelves and the Healthy Spot team members who watch and groom your pup. The services that we can’t offer ourselves, we set out to source the best option out there that share the same philosophy as us. One of those areas is Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings, or Non-Anesthetic Dentals (NADs), through our partner K9 Grillz. Started by Dr. Christopher Thomas, DVM, K9 Grillz provides thorough cleaning services, as well as preventative dental care education, all supervised by a licensed veterinarian.

"I highly recommend their teeth cleaning service they provide in conjunction with K9 Grillz. Our regular vet quoted us $650 to clean our Shepard/collie mix's teeth, to which I decided to investigate at bit further. The anesthesia and blood work involved is what made it so expensive, and after discovering Healthy Spot's anesthesia free teeth cleaning, I decided to give it a go. Was not disappointed at all! Our pup's teeth look amazing, and the whole process took about 30 minutes." -Genevieve M. from our Santa Monica Yelp page

It’s essential that a veterinarian perform an oral and physical examination prior to every teeth cleaning in order to determine what treatment is best for the individual pet and what other health issues might impact the treatment. There are times when dental issues can only be resolved under anesthesia such as loose teeth, fractured teeth with pulp exposure, root fractures, severe gingivitis, deep pocketing, severe recession, certain furcations, and abscesses. But if you’re pup’s teeth aren’t suffering from those conditions then there’s no need to put their health as risk from frequent, reoccurring anesthetic procedures.

"I just got my dogs teeth cleaned here and I couldn't be happier!! I'm not going to lie I really had my doubts about non anesthesia free cleaning and did so much research but I seriously can't stop looking at my dogs teeth right now! They were very professional and quick. The cleaning took roughly 30-40mins and when my dog came out he was perfectly calm and even didn't mind the technician reexamining his teeth to show me a couple teeth I should keep my eye on. And his breath smelled about 100xs better. I have a mini poodle who's almost 10 and this was his first cleaning." -Karen B. from our Santa Monica Yelp page

Since anesthetic dental cleanings are often cost-prohibitive to owners, some dogs may go far too long between teeth cleanings. K9 Grillz provides an economical, low-risk alternative to higher risk and costly anesthetic procedures. K9 Grillz also works with cats as well! We’re proud to have K9 Grillz as part of the Healthy Spot family and community. Check with your local Spot to see when K9 Grillz will be doing in-store non-anesthetic teeth cleanings next.

"The piece de resistance of this location is their anesthesia free teeth cleaning service. Make sure you book ahead, but he was efficient and thorough. Our Maltese's teeth have never been so clean (partially because we are bad parents and don't brush her teeth enough). But even better, the vet found a loose back tooth on our Yorkie, so aborted his cleaning - and didn't charge us anything! Even though he obviously had done an exam. This is truly the best. We will definitely be back in 6 months!" -Vicki C. from our Marina del Rey Yelp page

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