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Healthy Spot Grrroomers Competed in Las Vegas

Posted on Aug 14, 2014 , 0 comments

At the end of July, our team of Healthy Spot groomers traveled to Las Vegas to attend Super Zoo. This pet retailer trade show also has an internationally renowned grooming competition. Groomers come to Super Zoo from many different countries to compete in the grooming super show. Most groomers that attend the show compete solely and are grooming their own dogs. However, Healthy Spot brings several groomers every year and is one of the largest groups of groomers that attend the competition. Our most experienced groomer, Patricia Sugihara, has been grooming for 16 years and has worked with Healthy Spot for the last six of those years. She has trained 18 of Healthy Spot’s groomers and has former students at every Healthy Spot location. Of all of her accomplishments, Tricia is the most proud of watching her former students grow and excel.
“I would like to highlight the former students that now manage Healthy Spot grooming salons. Cindy who has done great job at managing a very busy salon in Marina Del Rey, Cameron has held down the "Mother ship" in Santa Monica, Cinthia who is running the show in Costa Mesa, and Melissa who is heading up our newest location in Long Beach,” stated Tricia. “It has an amazing experience watching them start from entry level positions and work their way up!”
Tricia loves making rescue dogs feel like show dogs by bringing out the dogs best features. Her favorite part of grooming though, is seeing the excitement of the parents when they see their newly groomed pup. This year, Tricia competed at the highest competition level during Super Zoo. At this “Olympics for Groomers”, she competed against groomers that she had looked up to for many years while developing her own skills. Tricia said that competing this year at the top level was “ a dream come true”. Competitors that groom at the highest level have to win first place enough times to move through each category until they reach the 3rd level., which Tricia succeeded at doing. We are thrilled that two of our groomers placed in competitions! David Gonzales, from our West Hollywood salon, won 1st in the Rescue Rodeo where he bathed, brushed, and styled a rescue dog in under three hours. Cindy Reyes, from our Marina salon, placed 2nd in the mixed salon style competition for styling a random dog that was selected for her right before grooming. We are very proud of Team Healthy Spot, Tricia, and all of our groomers that went to Super Zoo this year.  

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