Most Common Summer Hazards

Posted on Jul 31, 2014 , 0 comments

To finish our July focus on safety, we have a guest blogger for Spot's Corner.  Jean Brusavich, of TranquilPET,  specializes in animal healing and wellness.  As we are planning how to spend our remaining month of summer, Jean wants us to be aware of the most common summer hazards:
  1. Heatstroke: poses a serious threat because dogs cannot sweat like people. In order to keep them cool, give them shade and cold water to drink. For more info on keeping  cool, see this article.
  1. Parked Cars: are like ovens.Just how fast does the temperature in your car rise? If it’s 75 degrees outside, in 10 minutes, your car’s temp inside is 100. Imagine how hot your car could become, if the outside temperature is in the 80s or 90s.
  1. Dehydration: happens because your dog is not getting enough water. Keep lots of cool, clean, fresh water available. Make them low sodium chicken broth or yogurt ice cubes to increase the moisture content in your dog's diet.
  1. Burned Pads: can be caused by asphalt roads, cement sidewalks, and sand. All of these heat up dramatically in the summer and can burn a dog's paws. To avoid this, walk your dog in the morning or late evenings. You can also walk your dog on a grassy area instead of the sidewalk. Tip: Put your hand on the asphalt for about thirty seconds - if you can’t handle the heat, neither can your dog’s pads.
  1. Boating: always poses a possible drowning threat. Humans and dogs should wear a life vest.
  1. Porcupine Quills: are commonly found embedded in muzzle, face, head and neck of dogs. The trouble is, quills keep moving inward.
  1. Foxtails: appear late summer as grasses and weeds dry out. This can mean trouble for pets. Be on watch as these can get embedded in fur and/or ears.
  1. Seasonal Allergies: include fleas, grass, various plants, and mold. Signs of allergies include: constant scratching, biting, and losing fur. A visit to your vet is recommended. For more information on fleas, see this article.
  1. BBQs and family cookouts: contain many hazards that can be caused by many of our favorite food dishes.
Barbeque: can cause diarrhea in dogs. Corn on the Cob: is a choking hazard and dogs have difficultly digesting corn cobs. Fruits with pits: are a choking hazard. Also, many pits are poisonous because they could contain chemicals. For example, peach pits contain cyanide. Food with bones: can splinter and hurt a dog’s GI system, sometimes even piercing their bowels. Avoid the emergency room by not feeding your pet anything with bones. Foods with toothpicks or skewers: are also hazards. An overlooked toothpick or splinter can pierce or make a hole in the intestines.   Article research done by Jean Brusavich. For more information about Jean and Tranquilpet, visit:

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