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Posted on Jul 29, 2014 , 0 comments

We all love our furry children, but it can be difficult to tell when they are not feeling well. Oftentimes, we do not become aware of our dog’s illness until it has already progressed into a major health issue. Healthy Spot believes that health equals happiness. So, we are teaming up with Petnostics and Whistle to extend our offering of preventative health and early detection products. Since our dogs cannot speak with us, two of our new products offer better insight into your dog’s health with the use of your smartphone. Petnostics gives you the ability to test your cat or dog at home with the same accuracy of a veterinary visit. Their urine testing kit includes: a sample cup, gloves, and diagnostic lid. To use the testing kit you will need to download a free Petnostics smartphone app. For now, the Petnostics app is only available to Iphone users. For those who may have trouble collecting samples from a small dog, there is also an extendable spoon that can be purchased separately. Our cat parents will enjoy the Petnostics hydrophobic litter that makes collecting urine samples easy. This urine diagnostic kit for your home gives you the power of early detection because it tests for a variety of common illnesses including: kidney stones, diabetes, liver disease, and urinary tract infections. Whistle also strives to provide early warnings for dog illnesses through activity monitoring. They have created an activity monitor for your furry children that fits onto their collar. The Whistle device pairs with your wi-fi and mobile device to give you hourly updates and insight into your dog’s daily activity. The Whistle helps you set activity goals and even monitors your dog’s sleep. Parents will know immediately when their dogs are not feeling well because any change in regular sleep or exercise will be readily available on their smartphones. Addtionally, the Whistle encourages you to be active with your dog and have fun while achieving both of your fitness goals. Whistle also makes it easy to involve others in your fitness fun with the ability to share updates on Facebook and other social media networks. Both companies are awesome and we are excited to have these new technologies available to help ensure the continued health of your furry family members. Photo credit: BBC, Petnostics, and Mister Boo! Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 11.18.21 AM  

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