Play Dates: Frenchie Fun Day

Posted on Jul 24, 2014 , 0 comments

    What do you get when you put lots of french bulldogs in one large room for two hours? A room full of frenchies equals lots of: snorting, wrestling, and Puppia harnesses. The only thing that outnumbers the Puppia harnesses are frenchies that have Instagram accounts. Eight frenchies came out to our Marina Del Rey store for our first ever Frenchie Fun Day play date. Many of the frenchies that attended the play date came from our Santa Monica store (#samorepresent). We hope that in the coming months more of our frenchies can join us for this monthly play date. Our first round of play dates were held this weekend at our Costa Mesa, Long Beach, and Marina Del Rey stores. We held a  Frenchies Fun Day, a Boston Terrier Tea Party, and a Cavalier King Charles Ball. On July 27th, we plan to host play dates  for our Low Riders in Costa Mesa, our Mixed Mutts in Long Beach, and our fur babies that live a Pug life in Marina Del Rey. We are not breedist, so any dogs that want to come are welcome, but owners have to stay with their furry children throughout the event. To ensure the safety of all dogs that are participating we also ask parents not to bring the following items into the play area: food or drinks, spiked or flea repelling collars, toys, treats, and personal beds. Water bowls and poop bags are available, however parents are required to clean up after their own children. Frenchies that attended our event and may appear in these pictures  include: Bouchon, Daisy, Louie, Orion, Mochi, Ponzu, Sophie, and Vida. Our non-frenchie friends, Bacchus the Boston Terrier and Sadie the Shiba Inu, also came out to play. To follow some of our frenchie friends, check out their Instagram accounts: @orionthefrenchie and @sophiebatpig. Photos courtesy of Dan Cuadra.            

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