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Family Spotlight: The Tank! Posse

Posted on Jul 15, 2014 , 0 comments

Meet the Tank! Posse. Patric Z and Billy Hamilton rescued Tank! from the Orange County Animal Shelter when he was only a one-year-old pup. This adorable Corgi-Lab mix was in the shelter because he had been a stray that was badly injured in an accident. After being sprung from the shelter, #229 was renamed Tank! because he lives out loud. Healthy Spot has been a part of this family since the beginning. Patric Z. fell in love with #229 the day that he hugged his arm with both paws and asked to come home with him. Billy and Patric knew that they wanted to have a healthy and happy pup, so they prepared to take him home by interviewing for their store. After interviewing numerous pet stores Patric and Billy came to the same conclusion:
"Other stores care, but Healthyspot loves. Healthyspot had more information and more love than any other store that we looked at. Tank! loves the attention and we bring him here because everyone is so loving."
So, Healthy Spot became a part of their family also. Patric and Billy talked with our nutrition consultants who helped them choose all of the food, bedding, and supplies that they needed to make Tank! feel at home. Today, Tank! comes into the Healthy Spot and announces his arrival with a deep bark and will repeat himself if necessary until he is given a treat or a hug. Healthy Spot is a second home; he bathes, shops, and gets his teeth cleaned, all at our West Hollywood location. Whenever Patric and Billy bring him in, they walk down the toy aisle and he gets to choose a toy to take home. During our interview, he chose a Tuff Toy tiger ball. Patric and Billy feed Tank! Stella and Chewies exclusively with two fish oil capsules everyday and his favorite toy is the Planet Dog rubber football. When Tank! isn’t grabbing a hug from one of our staff or shopping with us, he enjoys long walks on the beach, eating flies, and flirting with women. He also identifies more with his lab side and loves bully sticks and hiking. At Healthy Spot, we love Tank! and we are proud to be a part of his family. Tank's facebook.

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