How to Have a Pawsome Natural Disaster Plan for Your Dog

Posted on Jul 09, 2014 , 0 comments

   In California, there are three common types of Natural Disasters: Wildfire, Earthquakes, and Flooding. Few disaster preparedness agencies coach California residents about disaster preparedness for their pets; however, most of the same rules for human preparedness also apply to dogs. In an emergency, do not leave your dog in your home unless taking them with you compromises your own safety. Make sure that you have a safety kit. When packing your own safety kit, also make one for your dog. Your dog should have kit that will ensure their comfort, safety, and health. First and foremost, include food, water, and a bowl in your canine’s kit. Always include a first aid kit. If your dog requires any medication, be sure to pack them along with special instructions for administering the medication. If you have a smaller dog, include a pet carrier. Dogs may be nervous in an emergency situation, so also pack an extra leash and harness. To ensure your dog’s comfort, also pack blankets, toys, treats, and a brush. Make sure that your pet can be identified. Make sure that your dog is micro-chipped and wearing all proper identification. Make sure that you have a copy of your dog’s shot records so that your dog can be boarded if necessary. During disasters it is easy for us to be separated from our loved ones. In the event that you become separated, it would be helpful to have recent pictures so that others will know how to identify your dog. Know your resources. In the event of a natural disaster, your resources can be the most important part of your plan. Get to know your neighbors. Make a list of close by friends and family. During an evacuation your furry child may not be able to come to a shelter with you, so knowing where they can go is essential. Locally, there may be friends, family, a boarder, or agencies that can provide emergency shelter for your dog. Since you may not be home during a disaster, place a sticker on your window that identifies pets in your home. This will help first responders in your absence. At Healthy Spot, we believe that our pets are our family and we want to help keep your family safe and healthy.

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