Jerky Treat Congressional Hearing Reveals Risks with Big Brands and Retailers

Posted on Jul 02, 2014 , 0 comments

According to the FDA, over the past seven years more than a 1,000 canine deaths have been attributed to dog treats from China. Nestle Purina and Big Heart Pet Brands (Del Monte Foods) are among the largest companies connected to producing the contaminated treats. PetCo and PetSmart are two of the largest retailers that will continue to carry these pet products until the end of the year. On June 17, 2014, the Congressional-Executive Commission on China hosted a hearing about pet food regulation between the United States and China. Regulatory agencies and consumer advocates discussed concerns for regulation and findings regarding jerky treat testing in connection with recent dog illnesses. Though the FDA has performed rigorous testing, they have not confirmed the source of the Fanconi Syndrome, which has been associated with jerky treats. Tracey Forfa of the FDA testified that:
"The FDA’s testing [of jerky pet treats from China] found various antibiotic residues in chicken jerky pet treats, which were also found by the N.Y. State Department of Agriculture and Markets. Though the FDA does not believe the presence of these residues contributed to the reported illnesses in jerky pet treats, they should not be present in the products."
Shaun Kennedy of the System Institute, LLC added that companies and industry people could also help alleviate the testing deficiencies of local regulatory authorities through partnerships and internal monitoring.
“While overall the food and agriculture system does a remarkable job of safely feeding us, we should do better. Through effective partnerships across stakeholders, from industry to authorities to the research community, the encouraging thing is we can.”
As part of the pet food industry, Healthy Spot only carries companies that source their food responsibly from regulated supply chains that meet or exceed U.S. food safety standards. Quality is one of our core values. We buy responsibly, so that you can also. Source: Congress website & FDA website

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