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Blue Buffalo and Purina Fight Over Food Integrity

Posted on Jun 10, 2014 , 0 comments

     You may have already heard that Blue Buffalo and Purina are engaged in a legal battle together, but did you know that their fight comes down to a disagreement about ingredients used in their food? At Healthy Spot, we are about integrity, first and foremost. We do business with companies that respect their customers and each other. All of our food suppliers use quality ingredients and many of these companies are: family owned, California local, and have control over their own  manufacturing processes.     Purina’s lawsuit argues that testing at an independent lab found “significant percentages of poultry by-product meal” in Blue Buffalo's Life Protection product line. Similarly, some of its grain-free products tested positive for rice or corn. However, Blue Buffalo lodged a counter-suit for defamation. Blue Buffalo’s founder, Bill Bishop, argues that Purina’s complaints are false:
"Legal technicalities may allow them [Purina] to refuse to provide details about their so called 'independent' research, but the simple truth is that a product reflects the ingredients it is made with, and I can assure you that we've never purchased one kernel of corn or one ounce of poultry by-product meal ... two ingredients Nestle Purina claims to have found in our food."
Nestle-Purina has not backed down on their assertion that Blue Buffalo is misleading their customers. A statement on their website says: “We stand by our complaint. As detailed in our lawsuit, independent test results show that Blue Buffalo is not being honest with pet owners about the ingredients in their pet food.” The problem with these statements is that—they could both be true. Blue Buffalo may not use any poultry by-product meal or grain in certain foods, but that does not guarantee that it will not end up in their food. Blue Buffalo manufactures their food at over five different processing plants that they share with other companies across the United States. When a company does not control their manufacturing process, the quality of the product can be compromised. At Healthy Spot, we do not compromise on food quality. We buy responsibly, so that you can also.

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