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Now Available in a Healthy Spot near you, Wholistic Pet Organics!

Posted on May 28, 2014 , 0 comments

Family Owned •Certified Organic and Human Grade• •FDA and NASC Approved •Non-GMO•

We are proud to add to our all-star line-up of pet health supplements. Wholistic Pet Organics creates supplements that contain only raw, natural, whole food ingredients. All supplements are made without chemicals, fillers, artificial ingredients and colors. Each product offers high purity ingredients that guarantee both potency and palatability. Wholistic Pet Organics believes in pure nutrition for a happier, healthier life and we are happy to have them in our stores.

Our Wholistic Pet Organics line-up will include: Joint Support Supplements Run Free with green-lipped mussel and Ester C contains: flaxseed, glucosamine, shrimp, and crab. This product aids healing from muscle and joint injuries. Digestive Support Supplements Digest All Plus contains pro-biotics, is plant based, non-dairy, and non-gmo. This supplement vanquishes hairballs and other digestive dangers. Skin & Coat Care Products Flaxseed Oil is 100 organic, high in fiber, contains the highest concentration of anti-oxidants. This supplement is used to help with recovery from injuries. Wild, Alaskan Salmon Oil is human-grade, contains vitamin E, and is odorless. This is the most bio-available source for Omega-3 fatty acids and is used as to treat inflammation and allergies. Wild Cod Liver Oil contains more Omega-3 fatty acids than salmon oil and helps fetal development, eyes, bone and teeth. Complete Health Care Supplements Bee Power is pure bee pollen, which is naturally complete with all 22 amino acids and the Vitamin B complex that restore energy. Canine Complete (great for all dogs) is made with 100% Organic Norwegian kelp, organic garlic, flaxseed, Ester C, and Digest All Plus. This supplement is used as a thyroid stimulant, hair loss preventative, to ward off vampires, and is good for dogs with weight issues. Colostrum Powder is made from the milk of grass-fed, non-anti-biotic, bovine. This powder is used for joint repair, speeds up the healing process, kills bacteria and viruses, and contains many enzymes. This supplement is great for furry children that are seniors, mal-nourished, or dealing with environmental allergies. Ester C supports the immune system and is less acidic than other vitamin C supplements. This can be used to help recovery from physical and emotional stress. Spirulina is an immune system booster that also aids digestion, joint mobility, and is really helpful for those older, furry children. WholeCran Intense supports kidney and bladder health, prevents crystals, and can be used on teeth to reduce plaque, tartar, and bad breath.   Functional Soft Chews are for fur babies that are picky about the powdered vitamins (measured 2 chews to one 1tsp). Chews are available in Digest All, Canine Complete, and Run Free. Diatomaceous Earth is food-grade, ground seashell that is given orally for de-worming. This is also effective in treating the home for adult fleas and can be sprinkled on the lawn or around bedding, baseboards, etc. ***Do not create a dust when sprinkling, inhalation is hazardous for humans and fur babies.*** We are proud to welcome this line of supplements that support the health and wellness of your dog’s mind, body, and bowl.  

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