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The Benefits of Raw Goat’s Milk

Posted on May 14, 2014 , 0 comments

As you may have read here, we at Healthy Spot are supporters of the raw food diet. Today, we discuss the amazing benefits of adding raw goat’s milk to your pup’s diet. Among many other advantages, raw goat’s milk aids pups with allergies, cancer, kidney disease, and optimal digestion. Is Raw Goat’s Milk Safe?

- Yes…

- Today’s certified raw milk has stricter standards then pasteurized milk

- Less bacteria is allowed in certified raw milk than pasteurized milk and pasteurizing milk kills the good bacteria

- Research indicates that there is no evidence that raw milk supports the growth of pathogens

- Healthy Spot carries brands like Primal Goat Milk, whose goats are free range and always hormone and antibiotic free. They are fed natural, pure hay and grasses to ensure the goats are in optimal health.

The Short List of Raw Goat’s Milk Benefits:

- Due to the amount of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids, goat’s milk has been hailed as the “most complete food known”

- Raw goat’s milk is beneficial to both dogs and cats

- Promotes healing

- Contains more antioxidants than cow’s milk

- Can be used as a way to enhance your pet’s diet or simply just as a treat

It is our mission to pass on useful information that will promote your pet’s health. We know that there are often reservations about introducing raw foods for your pups, so we encourage you to stop by any of our Healthy Spot stores and discuss any specific concerns with our staff.

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