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Flea Season Is Here

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 , 0 comments

Pet owners, warm weather is upon us and spring is officially here! While we love this time of year, it’s important to remember that it’s also the peak of flea season. In California, flea season can truly last all year, but the peak begins as the weather warms up, usually lasting from spring to autumn. We all know how much our playful pups love being outside and playing in warm weather, so it’s important for you to take precautions to keep fleas away so the pets can continue to play. Some myths about fleas:

1. You only need to use flea preventive products during flea season.

Unfortunately, this is simply false. Flea prevention is a yearlong battle. The warmer and more humid the temperature is, the more risk your pets have of getting fleas. However, there is still risk during the cooler months. In the winter months in California, flea activity ranges between moderate to high.

2. If I only find a flea or two, it’s not an issue.

One flea can lay up to 50 eggs in one day! Once you see a flea you can be sure there are more lurking, waiting to hatch. Be aware that it can take a minimum of a few weeks for flea eggs to hatch so persistence and patience is key when dealing with a flea problem.

3. Chemical products are the only ones that work for flea prevention.

This is not true. At Healthy Spot we carry a wide variety of natural flea remedies that are deterrents or preventive products. Some products we carry are JJ Flea Tick, Flixx, and NaturVet products. Because these products are not pesticides, they do not kill fleas, but are still effective prevention remedies. When using natural products, they need to be applied more regularly and are usually a blend of botanical oils. By adding a few more minutes to your flea prevention routine, you are ensuring safety for your furry friend and family.

When tackling fleas, we believe the Healthy Spot family should use a preventive approach to keep your pups itch free. Research shows that grooming your dog regularly, frequent baths, and even simply running a flea comb through their coat can prevent fleas. During the warmer months, if you are taking your pup to parks, or heavily-trafficked public dog areas, we encourage you to use additional natural products as a flea repellant, even if you are using flea prevention products or pesticides regularly. We know that the battle against fleas can be a stressful one, both for you and for your pet.  Please feel free to stop in or call your local Healthy Spot store and speak to one of our educated staff on the best flea prevention methods for your pup and your family.

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