New Raw Food Formats - SCOOP AND GO!

Posted on Mar 14, 2014 , 0 comments

We are very excited to announce that two of our very popular raw food brands are introducing a more convenient option to the raw food format: Scoop and Go! Stella and Chewys (Morsels) and Primal (Pronto) have announced this new option in response to many customers’ reservations regarding the inconvenience of the older raw food formats. Healthy Spot customers, you have been heard! Convenience has been one of the largest obstacles to many pet owners trying the raw food diet. We believe that the new Scoop and Go format answers this concern. This change in the delivery method of raw food opens up the opportunity for consumers to effortlessly switch over to raw food for their pets. As you may know, we at Healthy Spot are big proponents of the raw food diet due to many of its extraordinary health benefits (read about The Benefits of Raw Food tips here).

raw dog food

The new Scoop and Go format has all the same benefits as other raw food but is more convenient for consumers. Now, it only takes minutes to defrost the raw food vs. letting the patties thaw overnight.  This allows owners to "scoop" and feed their pup similar to how they would with a kibble dog food. It is important to remember that since it is a frozen, raw food; the same rules apply. The food must be kept in the freezer and it’s best practice to wash out the pup’s bowls with soap and warm water after each raw meal. Also remember to wash your hands well after serving the raw food. We are not immune to the same contaminants as our pups. If you have any questions about the raw food diet, or the new format, give us a call or stop in to your local Healthy Spot store.  

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