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Stop Your Pup From Jumping On People

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 , 0 comments

They don’t mean it, really! For dogs, jumping to greet is primal and it’s how they acknowledge you re-entering the “pack”. Since dogs live in human society, we know that it’s not desired behavior, so here are 5 easy tips to stop your dog from jumping up: 1) Don’t turn your back! This body language will actually make your dog want to move toward you, not stay off you. Face-forward with your body leaning slightly towards them. If you back away or walk away, they will only want to jump even more. For larger dogs you can put your knee up when they jump in their chest, which will make jumping uncomfortable. 2) Use a can of pennies or squirt bottle with water. Take a soda can; fill it up 1/3 with pennies, place duck tape over the top. When they jump up, shake the can loudly while saying “Off!” You can also use a squirt bottle with water and put it on stream. When they jump, squirt them with the water while saying the “Off!” command. 3) Ignore your pup for 5 minutes when you enter your home. By ignoring, you are allowing them to calm down before interacting, which will decrease their excitement level. Give them calm praise after their excitement has dropped. (When training, it’s always a good thing to educate your friends and family on how excitement will counteract what you are trying to accomplish and only confuse your dog.) 4) Do mock-scenarios. Practice leaving for a few minutes, then return. Have friends and family also help in this effort so your dog knows how to behave when other people visit. 5) Teach your pup to sit for praise when people enter. Be careful not to praise too much or the excitement will go against the command. If you take your thumb and gently stroke between the dog’s eyes, this pressure point will help to calm them down. If they get up, stop praising them and go back to instructing them to sit in the same spot they were sitting in previously.  

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