The Adoption Option Or Why You Should Choose to Adopt a Dog

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At Healthy Spot, we know that making the decision to get a dog is a big one. What type of pup do you want? Do you want a puppy or an older dog? Do you know about all your options regarding where to get this perfect dog? It’s tempting to fantasize about buying a cute pup from a pet shop. The truth is, a picture-perfect fairytale dog doesn’t have to be bought from a store. Adopting is a wonderful way to introduce a new dog into your life. In fact, if you mention adoption to some, they may shy away or be quick to associate adoption with dogs that “simply aren’t the type we are looking for”, “are strays or have problems”, or “are just too old”. We are here to debunk the common misconceptions or fears people have about adopting a pet. We want to educate and share reasons why adopting a dog isn’t just an option, it’s the best option. Why not buy from a pet store? We can all be easily tempted by those rambunctious cute little pups that topple over each other and simply assume starting prices of $700 for a purebred is justified because they are purebred. In reality, “purebred” authenticity is often used as a marketing tool. It’s a way to lure you into spending more money on a dog. When it comes down to it, sadly, these pet stores are all about profit. healthy spot pet storeHidden health problems? Another thing you may not know is that pet stores who supply purebreds are often more susceptible to genetic problems. There are many cases where these puppies come from inbred dogs, and while they may be visibly cute now, they may have hidden health problems that show up later in life. These health issues are often expensive to treat or, even worse, aren’t treatable at all.     But I really want a purebred Why do you want a Labrador? Or a Golden Retriever? Or a Yorkie? Common misconceptions lead us to believe purebreds are the best way to go. That said, mixed breeds are just as lovable as purebreds. Rather than focus on the specific breed, you should consider the type of dog that fits your lifestyle. Are you looking for an active dog? Is the priority that a dog is friendly with infants and toddlers? Do you want a dog that is more independent? Ultimately, it’s the dog’s unique personality that should be a driving factor in selecting a companion. You can adopt a purebred If you still have your heart set on owning a purebred, shelters and plenty of rescue organizations can still help you find a purebred. 35% of adoptable dogs are actually purebred. If you decide to go to a breeder, do plenty of research to find a breeder who is reputable and responsible, so you can make sure your new pet is healthy and happy. Stop puppy mills If you’ve heard of puppy mills you are probably already aware that these mills are dog-breeding factories that put profit fight against puppy millsabove the welfare of dogs. Dogs in puppy mills are raised in cruel conditions often with poor care and in unsanitary environments. The parent dogs’ sole purpose in life is to live in cages and be bred repeatedly for years without human companionship. When these dogs get old and are no longer capable of making puppies for profit, their job is considered done. Since they’re no longer useful for the mills, they are either abandoned or killed. What many people don’t know, is that often times when you buy from pet suppliers, whether they are a pet store in the mall or a self-proclaimed pet-breeder, they are getting their puppies from these types of mills. You don’t see what goes on behind-the-scenes, so it’s easy for people to support this cruel industry without even knowing it. The only way to stop puppy mills is to stop supporting them. Rather than purchasing your dog from a pet store, consider adoption. By adopting you can be sure you are not supporting evil puppy mills with your money. Please remember that puppy mills will be around if people continue to purchase dogs. By choosing adoption, each one of us CAN make a difference. Banning puppy mills Healthy Spot gives much respect to a Los Angeles councilman who recently proposed a ban on puppy mill sales to help reduce the city’s pet overpopulation problem. But isn’t there something wrong with rescue dogs? Shelter and rescue pets for adoption are often mistaken as “bad”. People immediately think these animals have been abused or something worse. In reality, many of these dogs were simply given up because of other unfortunate reasons. Some are victims of family tragedy, unfortunate situations, or may have just had irresponsible owners. During times of economic hardships, rescues see more dogs who have been given up simply because people have lost jobs, their homes, or cannot move into dog-friendly homes. But puppies are so much cuter It’s natural for humans to want puppies, and insist that they need to raise a puppy if they’re going to own a dog. They fail to be open-minded to a pet that may be slightly older, which has its advantages as well. We urge you to take off your puppy-goggles for a moment. Older dogs tend to be loyal and since they’ve already gone through the basic training stages of life, they may be easier to own. There are a variety of lovable, adorable dogs that are fit for families. Shelters and rescue groups can help you find the right dog for you or your family, depending on what kind of dog you are looking for.

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