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The Benefits of Raw Food

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 , 0 comments

At Healthy Spot, we believe in a holistic approach and preventative care for all of our animals. We are committed to finding those premium products that will ensure your dog’s health. After much research, we know that the core of your dog’s health rests in their daily consumption. This is exactly why we are big advocates of the raw diet. Raw diets have shown to help your dog’s natural immune system. This includes fighting common ailments such as allergies, hot spots, excessive shedding, digestive issues, skin and coat concerns, and general immune disorders. In some cases, the raw diet has been shown to significantly improve the fight against degenerative and severe diseases. It’s important to remember that dogs are primarily carnivores. Biologically, dogs’ teeth are sharp and designed for ripping meat. In comparison, our teeth are flatter for chewing. A dog’s stomach pH level runs around 1 and 2, which is designed to break down raw foods. The human stomach runs around ph level of 5. When dogs eat like we do, their stomach has to adjust to break down those foods, which can cause stress on the dog, making it harder to absorb nutrients and lower the overall health of the animal. Despite anatomically and biologically being more appropriate for dogs, raw food is not traditionally accepted in the US due to some concerns about feeding animals uncooked and/or unprocessed meats. Myths about Raw Food debunked: 1) Raw Contaminants. The primary concern is the fear of salmonella, escolar, and parasites. Remember, dogs are designed to eat this diet. The acidity level of their stomach enables them to eat and digest raw meat. Additionally, with all this mention of concerning bacteria, there is little discussion about the benefits of the good bacteria found in raw foods that is essential for your dogs gut health. At Healthy Spot, we believe that the benefits of a raw food diet far outweigh any minimal risks for your dog. 2) Convenience is king. Most consumers rely on kibble because it is the easiest way to feed your dog. Scoop and go. The additional preparation of thawing out raw food, feeding your dog, and then washing the food bowl after* is about 3 steps too many. We are often in a rush or our lifestyle doesn’t accommodate optimal eating habits. That said, adding an extra 5 minutes to your routine every day can add years to your dog’s life. (*It is imperative that you wash your dog’s bowl with soap and warm water after every time raw food is served, as we are not immune to the same contaminants.) 3) Fear of the unknown. Growing up, we fed kibble to our dogs and maybe even the occasional table scraps. When you tell people that you buy your dog’s food from the freezer, most will be confused or even amused. Even though it is the natural way to feed your dog, it isn’t the norm. Yet. With our articles, our stores, and the like minds of other independent pet store retailers, we want to empower and educate our customers on a daily basis. This is how we can turn the tide together. 4) Doesn’t make cents. It’s true. Raw food is a more expensive way to feed your dog. The lack of processing and real whole foods, make other diets more affordable. If you own a smaller dog, raw diets are well within reach by spending only a few more dollars per month since your dogs eat smaller amounts at feeding. The most common challenge is found with clients who care for larger dogs. That said, if feeding larger dogs on a completely raw food diet is cost prohibitive, Healthy Spot recommends a balanced blend of raw diet with other food. We understand that saving money during a food purchase is important - but it is also necessary to recognize the fact that, per year, the average pet household spends close to $500 at the vet. Often times, health issues are directly related to consumption. Preventative care is the key to a longer, healthier life so consider the healthy food you feed your dog as a sure fire way to avoid breaking the bank down the road with veterinary costs. Feel free to stop in or call us, if you have any other questions.

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